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Archive for August, 2005

August 31st, 2005

New Photograph

I’ve just added a new photograph to my gallery. It is, as you may have already guessed, a Hummingbird. You can view her portrait here!

I’ve also submitted her portrait to BetterPhoto for their monthly contest, you can have a …

August 30th, 2005

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Caption this Hummingbird!
(as many times as you’d like, just for fun!)

It’s official, I’m going to have to seek therapy this winter when my hummingbirds leave. I moved the feeder right up next to our front window, cleaned the …

August 29th, 2005

First Day Backpack

I didn’t cry. Honestly. I did NOT. CRY. Nut-uh. No, I didn’t. I swear I didn’t. ::sniffle:: THAT was not crying. I just, I think I’m coming down with a cold or something, that’s all. Truly.

(waaaahhhhh! Everybody LEFT me! …

August 28th, 2005

Hummingbird Movie

I’ve been taking pics of our hummingbirds all morning. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out what settings will give me a great still of their wings in motion. Fortunately, I have “movie mode”, so now you can see what I see …

August 28th, 2005

Here Fishy Fishy

Caption these Koi!
(As many times as you want, just for fun!)

August 28th, 2005

Hi, I’m Michele.

Today, I’ll be playing the role of Michele.

I get to recommend a new site for Michele’s blogroll, so I picked someone special.

Inquiring minds also would like some input on NASA, cause their last launch and landing had me …

August 27th, 2005

Anatomy and Me

This is for Taba, and whoever else might find this remotely interesting. Seriously, I don’t care for/am not seeking pity or “omg that looks awful”, I am captivated by the human body. How much I’ve managed to screw mine up …

August 26th, 2005

Illustration : Chickadee & Monkey

woulda coulda shoulda monkey chickadee custom illustration graphic
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Graphic Illustrations, Yearly : 2005

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