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Archive for November, 2005

November 30th, 2005

To Design, or Not To Design?

For about 4 years now, I’ve been learning the in’s and out’s of HTML, tables, and graphic design. My own gallery has gone through a minimum of one revamp a year, sometimes two, and I am always changing things around …

November 29th, 2005

Five Senses & A Latte

I just returned from running a couple of errands, one of them being a drive-through at Starbucks for a nice frothy Raspberry Latte. MmmMMm. Well. I took my first sip, preparing to burn the tip of my tongue, but alas. …

November 28th, 2005

New Sketch : Black Poodle

dog painting sketch black poodle

This is my sketch of Joey, a black poodle portrait I’ll be painting over the next week or so. I’m painting him on an 11×14 hardboard panel (aka masonite) in oil.…

November 28th, 2005

I’m Not Ready.

I’m really not ready for today. Or this week, for that matter.

I’ll be keeping the holiday spirit at bay while I tend to my little one, who has yet another upper respiratory infection. I’ll be snuggling her, holding kleenex …

November 27th, 2005

Pine Cone

You’d think this just fell from a tree in my yard, but it didn’t. I took this pic last spring while we were vacationing in Florida! Now I’ve spoiled the wintery-ness and want to fly south for the winter. How …

November 25th, 2005


Part of our overdone Christmas decorating includes this snowman. I wanted an acrylic ice-cube snowman but they were sold out. Bah! This guy is cute though, although he falls apart in a strong wind. Yep, his head just fell right …

November 25th, 2005

Snowing in Petroville

Custom Winter-y Blog Skin for Petroville
(Graphics, Layout & Plugins – oh my!)

MommaK asked me if I could fix her up with something wintery for Petroville, and I was so excited! I was seeing a design in my …

November 24th, 2005

Custom Blog Design : Petroville Winter

blog templates blog design custom graphics winter seasonal
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Blog Design, Yearly : 2005

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