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2006 Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest is now open for Halloween 2007!
If you’ve carved your pumpkin, go on and get a Wicked picture of it and enter the contest HERE! 2006 second annual pumpkin carving contest

Submit your Pumpkin Carving!

pumpkin carving contest winner john anderson
This is just for fun, there’s no monetary award or anything, but if your pumpkin wins I’ll make you a super cool graphic that says you won (like this one from last years winner, MommaK.) to forever display on your blog or forehead, wherever you’d like to put it. This year I might even throw in my very own battery operated carver, signed and everything!

RULES. These are easy. Please follow them. If you don’t, your submission will end up in a digital black hole or virtual trash bin or something.

1. Carve a pumpkin.
2. Take a photo of your carving(s). In the dark. (We do want the full effect!)
3. Send me your picture(s).
4. You can submit more than one carving.
5. Only ONE pumpkin per photo, please. If one of them is horrid, and the other is cool, well you might lose. So don’t jinx yourself like that, don’t you want to win? Of course you do.
6. As much as everyone would love to see your kids, you, or your neighbor, NO PEOPLE in the pics please. I’m quite certain your costumes are great, but let’s not distract from the purpose of the contest!
7. I’ll post your pumpkin, and everyone will vote. Invite people to vote for your pumpkin, it’s all good!


Submissions Accepted: Monday, October 23rd through Monday, October 30th (5pm CST)

Deadline for pumpkin carving submissions: Monday, October 30th, 2006 5PM CST

Voting Info: Tuesday, October 31st. On All Hallow’s Eve, of course! Winner will be Announced on Halloween! You get ONE Vote. No cheating!

Did you read that stuff? Pinki Swear? You better not be lying to me, ’cause I’ll know.




Save this image and link to either the contest entry page, or the carving page!
The image is 145 pixels wide, a good width for blog sidebars. ;)

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