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  • Behold the turtle.
    He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  • Maple Leaf #1


    maple leaf fall photograph
    Clear skies this morning really made the fallen leaves stand out against the grass. I had to get out there with my camera, of course. I love the leathery sunlit glow of the leaf against the green, it makes the photo seem warmer than the air outside right now.

    I added this photograph to my prints collection, you can view the details here. This photo would really turn heads in a nice mat & frame, I think. I’ll be testing one in my own family room, of course.


    Finally. After two weeks worth of wallowing in code to get the design just so – and endless hours of uploading information – typing, moving, pasting, recoding. It’s (almost) done, ready to launch at least. When my hand isn’t so much like a claw, I’ll continue on with some back end tweaking.

    What’s going to happen to Nothing! I’ve owned for years. I needed a place to design “live” so I knew exactly what was going on, and could transfer files from one to the other. So I decided to double-domain. Once I finish the backend coding and get everything up to spec, I’ll overwrite my layout here at and have them running side by side until things are running smoothly. In case you’re wondering – I did all of that with one installation of wordpress, one theme. My brain needs this extended weekend!

    I’ve desparately needed to re-organize my gallery. I offer so many things, and have so much available that it’s just downright hard to find. I do love to have my ducks in a row, and I think this new setup accomplishes that. Clean, professional, one of a kind unique gallery layout, and I’m all ready for some serious clients.

    Please, check it out. Let me know how you like it!

    Doodley Doo


    hummingbird sketch cat puppy dog artist nature drawing

    I don’t doodle nearly enough. I should doodle more often.

    It’s storming here today, and I’m always very cautious paranoid about my electronic equipment when lightening is nearby. So, while waiting for the orange blob to pass over, I doodled.

    I started with the doggie, of course. Tucker was lying beside me and wouldn’t hold still for me to look at his nose, so I just guesstimated – it’s more of a caracature anyway. When he tore off the couch like a bullet, whipping around in the next room and using my face as his next launch pad to circle, I quickly finished his doodle and moved on to the cat. He kinda torqued me off, that little Tucker. (ahem.) He’s in his kennel now. Just in case you were wondering.

    So, the cat. I do love to draw cats and paint cats. In fact, I painted a cat on Artpad once, did you ever see that? (Click Here) In case you never saw it. There’s a lot of fur, so you might want to watch it on high speed. Anyhoo, there’s something about cat eyes that I just love, love to paint, and love to make look glassy and glossy and dimensional.

    Of course once you doodle a cat, you have to doodle a bird. Of course I doodled a hummy! I get to watch them so much, their little birdy bodies are embedded in my virtual memory.

    Lastnight while I was hummy watching, Chickeymonkey came up beside me right at the window. I thought the little guy (actually, girl, I think) would have been startled off, but she just stopped eating, came down to Chick’s height in front of the window and hovered there as if to say hello. I’m talking inches. 3 maybe? Just the depth of the glass that separated us. Mouths dropped and eyes got big, as you can imagine. She did the same to me – when she arrived at the feeder I was already at the window, but I thought she was just looking at her reflection in the window. Guess not, huh?

    So. Yes. After I drew the hummy I got to thinking about that, and started doodling the girl. The girl has longer hair than I have, and it’s curly, and in my head she’s a blonde. So I’m not sure what that all means, but hey. It’s a doodle. She’s also got one of those zookeeper’y nature type hats on (sans the net), and she’s wearing a shirt with my acronym. How cool, I didn’t know I sold apparel! Really. I don’t. Not yet, anyway.

    Last, but not least, the wierd squiggly thing and the raindrop, because as I said earlier, it’s raining here today and the dang lightening bolt zig-zagged my retna.

    There you have it, anatomy of a doodley doo by Leanne. If you’d like one of these doodles developed into a blog graphic or something just for you, just give me a holler. Actually, e-mail would be better. Yes, e-mail is good. No hollering, please. My head is still sorta reeling from being a launching pad.

    Sweet Gibbon Profile


    gibbon monkey art digital photography print

    Random Photography


    There’s my little Nutty again, he was posing for me yesterday and I couldn’t resist. Just a sweet little thing, isn’t he?

    More random eye candies for you:

    An egret that we saw on the way back from the museum last week. I was totally enamored by his reflection in the pond and have several photos of him that are ‘ok’ to me, I just enjoy looking at the composition. It was neat to watch him fishing, too!

    This, I loved. Of course, my hummies. She thought she’d be sneaky, and eat on the side that I couldn’t see her on. haha! Chickeymonkey saw this photo and said “How’d she get in there, mommy?”

    Our floppy dog, Tucker. (He’s a 16 wk. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, for those just meeting him) Yes, he’s sleeping on the vent again. He lays like this all the time. It’s fun to watch him go from standing to this position!

    We did go to the Museum yesterday and saw some really beautiful bird photography. I took a few pics of the sections where mine are hanging, I’ll get those pics ready and show you later.

    I hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Portrait of a Bunny




    Curious Ruby


    ruby throated hummingbird male perched sitting
    This is such unusual behavior for the Ruby Throated Males that I’ve seen at our feeder. I was at the window. Smack in front of the window, not more than 12 inches from him behind glass, and he was so curious! His coloring is just brilliant. I have several – and I mean several shots of him. He drank, and peeked over at me, and drank, and peeked again. His head contorted and stretched, his eyes wide.

    If you’ve never seen a Hummingbird in real life this close, here you go!

    Peach Rose



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