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    Cat & Dog Portrait Final Scan : Luke & Ella


    Here’s the final scan & eye close-ups on Luke & Ella’s portrait.

    I’m going to be pretty busy today, so I’m not sure when I’ll be postin’ those sketches for you of my next portraits. Stop back again later tonight!

    The Horse : Full Scan & Detail Image


    The completed, varnished & scanned painting:

    Ellie (Dog Portrait) Final Scan & Detail


    Ellie’s scan turned out perfect. She’s such a pretty girl! I’m including a close up of her face too. The photograph I had to work from was pretty teenie, it was a 3×5 photo but Ellie was only about 2 1/2 inches tall in that photo, I scanned it in at a super high res so I could get as much detail from it as possible. The rest, well, I made it up!

    Ellie will ship on Monday – along with The Horse. I’ve been doing paperwork, packing and shipping all morning. My poor mailman is going to freak out when she sees what’s waiting for her! Ten, Tori, Emily, Nicki, Callie, Possy III and a Christmas gift I’ve finally gotten around to shipping (’cause she finally got around to moving to her new house!). I think I should go hide until the white truck is gone. heh!

    Antoinette FINAL SCAN & Detail Shots!


    Phew it’s taken me a few hours to get this viola scanned and pieced together, but WELL worth it, I must say. Yes I’m bragging again. I don’t do it often, so thank you for tolerating me when I do! I’m “hiding” the detail images, just read on (click “more” beneath the full painting) to see the detail shots. I am particularly fond of (read: proud) the pinstriping along the edge of the viola. That took a steady hand and a lot of patience. I am also just tickled to pieces about how the bridge turned out. I didn’t even have to pull my viola out of the case to check for accuracy on it. Cool.

    Without further delay, here’s the insanely awesome and accurate scan of one of the artists’ most favoritest paintings ever.

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