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    Eye Ate It #4


    eye ate it oil painting brown m&m
    Here’s #4 in the Eye Ate It™ series, a brown M&M on an orange dish. I know a few of you who are really going to have a sweet tooth after you see this one, and I will not apologize for that. I’ve been sitting here snarfing them down, so please – go get yourself a bag and try to catch up, would you? My Hips & I would appreciate it if you did.

    One set is now complete in my Eye Ate It™ series. They look awfully tasty together, see?

    eye ate it paintings 1-4 walnut blackberry m&m goldfish art oil
    As shown:
    #1: Walnut, #3: Blackberry
    #4: Brown M&M, #2: Goldfish
    I’m really enjoying painting these little 4×4’s. It’s stretching my brain, and I feel like I’m getting a really great refresher in depth, shadow and dimension. Who knew these tasty treats would teach me so much?


    Eye Ate It #3


    eye ate it blackberry oil painting
    I just completed #3 in the Eye Ate It™ Series, a nice plump Blackberry. Unfortunately, my poor little perishable looks pathetic now next to its sweet and former self of a painting, so Eye May Not Eat It this time around. I have, however, eaten a few of its cell mates. (cellophane – hahaha. get it?)

    4-inches square (all of them in the series will be this size), a perfect sized oil painting for bite sized goodness.

    I’ve added the scans of the first two in the series to my gallery today as well. You can see them here:

    Eye Ate It #1 : Walnut
    Eye Ate It #2 : Goldfish

    Eye Ate It #2


    eye ate it goldfish
    I just completed #2 in the Eye Ate It™ Series, a Goldfish (the crackers, not the critters!). 4-inches square (all of them in the series will be this size), a perfect sized oil painting for bite sized goodness. This is my second this week, so I’ll shoot for one more Eye Ate It™ painting this week, just because I’m an overachiever.

    Yes, Eye Ate It™. Just in case you were wondering. It was tasty.

    Eye Ate It #1


    eye ate it walnut

    I’ve been planning this series for quite a while and finally got started on them today. Here’s #1 in the Eye Ate It™ Series, a Walnut. It’s just 4-inches square, a perfect sized oil painting for bite sized goodness. I’m planning on completing at least two Eye Ate It™ paintings a week.

    Custom Torch Illustration


    I just completed a custom torch logo graphic, inspired by a “pass the torch” image that my client had seen. The pose is my own, my own makeshift torch (my gigantic gesso brush) my tripod and trusty camera – and photographed my own hand in two different positions to use as a reference for this project.

    It all started as a sketch – after a couple of revisions I turned it into a watercolor painting.

    From there, I scanned the painting in and started making some very minor revisions, and with my handy dandy wacom tablet and my favorite CorelX Paint Shop Pro, I created this digital painting:

    So that’s what I’ve been working on – my client’s deadline was today, and I came in right on schedule, which I love doing (I’m an on-time-aholic).

    I admit, I am excited to have artwork out there in a corporate logo format. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some of the materials this will be appearing on soon.

    Pigs On Parade


    Today is the day for the Pigs On Parade event in Geneseo! There are 11 pigs in all (I think that was the count), here are a few pics of my Pig for you. It was HOT out there! Catybug and I are on the other side of the hayrack doing the “parade wave”, Doc Bordwell riding alongside as well. There was also some local news hanging around, so if I catch any extra publicity of course I’ll be happy to share that as well!

    Some onlookers after the parade route ended.
    He recieved some nice compliments!

    The clearcoat really gave the painting a great shine, he looks beautiful out in the sunlight! I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The parade was handled so efficiently, and the community involvement was really great!

    The only thing missing was candy, according to Chickeymonkey – she was expecting us to be tossing out candy from the hayracks. Which explains why she wanted to be an onlooker with Daddy!

    Here are some extra pigs – we didn’t get pics of all of them. My personal fave is the Chef! It is really well done (hardy-oink-har-har)!







    Bordwell Pig Complete


    The pig is complete! I finished painting him at about 3:30 AM (This morning. Yes. I’m awake.), applying the final coat of pig hair and signing off on him (under the feedbags on the leg). His eyeglasses have been attached with silicone, the cows are moo-ing, the farmer is feeding the pigs – all is well on the Bordwell Feed Farm this fine Sunday morning, so go on and have a look at the rest of the detail images.

    With that, I bid you a good weekend – I am taking a couple of days off!

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    Gallery Updates Galore!


    I didn’t realize that I was 13 projects behind in updating my Gallery! Yikes! I just finished getting everything uploaded, categorized, prettied up and all that, so I’d love for you to have a browse through my newest additions. You can find the thumb view here, and just pick a category from my gallery there. I’ve added blog designs, custom illustrations, two custom cat portraits, a custom dog portrait, the flowerbed mural, and other paintings and projects on my completed project list for 2006.


    Now I need to show you the final scans of Mick, Maude and Cheeky. (You can find these in my gallery as well!) Scroll on down, they each get their own entry.

    Final Painting Scan : Mick


     custom dog portrait   golden retriever

    Custom Dog Portrait : Mick
    8? x 10? Oil Painting
    7/8? Profile Wrapped Canvas
    © 2006 Leanne Wildermuth
    All Rights Reserved

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