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  • This Eclectic Life Blog Design



    I finished up another project late lastnight, This Eclectic Life is written by Shelly Kneupper Tucker. She’s a sweetheart of a blogger, so you really should stop by and read her way more often than just going over there today to tell her how very much you love her new look (hint hint).

    She just recently made the jump from blogger to WordPress, and she even used my extensive How To Leave Blogger post as her guide. And then I kinda helped her here and there as she got her feet wet, but it didn’t take her long to settle in, that’s for sure.

    She’s all hooked up with some pretty neat plugins (a couple of them I don’t even have yet), custom graphics (as is standard on all my designs) – and I even cartooned her header image for her (you can see the old one here, as well as the design she had grown accustomed to.)

    “All I really told Leanne about what I wanted for design was : cartoon my hands and paint the fingernails red; I want the colors to be red, black, and gray; use Courier font, because I want it to look like it was typed on an old manual typewriter, and keep it simple. I had no idea her imagination would come up with something that is this much fun.”

    Shelly has basically undergone a huge blog transformation over the last couple of weeks. I applaud her tenacity to take the jump from one platform to another – to get her hands dirty in a little code and a little ftp’ing, and really take her blog to another level.

    ::sniffles:: I kinda feel like a proud new mama.

    Special thanks to YellowRose, who pointed this super cool chick my way.

    Go on over to Shelly’s and have a look around!

    Road Less Unraveled


    road less unraveled wordpress custom blog design graphics
    I just finished up another new custom WordPress design, this one for Robin at The Road Less Unraveled. This one was a lot of fun. She wanted a retro feel and a certain color palette – and a girl. I had fun with the play on words and turned it into a play on graphics, giving her a swirly bridged road that actually (if you look at it from the art deco perspective) says RLU. I think I spent more time creating the graphics than anything else- even though there really aren’t too many of them.

    I also totally dig her menu. That was a lot of fun to create, and it’s based on the menu by Suckerfish in a previous theme she had active and really loved. I restyled the whole thing, but it’s based on the same initial framework (and credits were left in the stylesheet!). (Techno lingo stuff may confuse some readers. My aplogies!)

    So – go on and say hi and have a look around at Robin‘s new digs for me, would you?

    Petroville Spring Relaunch


    Phew – these blog designs are coming at me fast and furious, I’m trying to get them done as fast but these aren’t just a bunch of code, you know. I customized all of these graphics last spring for MommaK, but she asked for some tweaks to spruce things up for the season. I upgraded WordPress for her (and yeah, there’s another release due out next week, go figure – but heck, there’s a major release due in another month or so, too.) – there were a few plugins and graphics that needed updating and upgrading, code to rewrite, and now she’s all ready for flip flops, flowers and painted toenails. Go help her usher in spring with a BBQ recipe or two – looks like she’s ready to break out the grill!

    YellowRose’s Garden


    yellowroses garden custom blog design

    YellowRose has been patiently waiting for me to finish up my painting projects so that I could begin her blog makeover. She wanted something a little more organized, fresh, something that matches her lovely and sweet personality. She also wanted to maximize her use of the best platform on the planet, WordPress. She’s a big fan of yellow roses, so I came up with her tag line, “a rose is just a rose, unless it’s yellow.” It’s true – if it’s not a YellowRose, it’s just not as sweet.

    Go on over to the Garden and see how pretty she is!



    Muuuuuuch better.

    Aaah. I think I might keep this one around for a while.

    Apple Pie (and other stuff)


    homemade apple pie

    Our neighbor has two big beautiful apple trees in their backyard. We stopped over the other day and he filled a grocery bag full of yellow and red apples for us. This weekend I peeled and sliced well over 10 cups of apples, and I still have a sink full. Catybug and I made this lovely deep dish apple pie, and I made 5 loaves of apple walnut bread. We shared the loaves with the neighbors, of course!

    In other news, and as you can see (unless you’re feedreading), I’ve finally completed the blog design to match my new gallery design. Please let me know if anything is broken – or if there are regular features that you can’t find.

    Now that the weekend hustle and bustle and slicing and dicing is over, I can resume normal activities – and munch on some tasty goodness during breaks!

    What have you been up to? And more importantly, when is the last time you made (or ate) home made apple pie?


    Harvey Family History Blog


    I’ve just added my latest blog design to my gallery, Harvey Family History. This is a different kind of blog – in fact it’s more of a website design. I laid it out in a way that displays the contents of the blog as a family history/genealogy site, and added a nice photo album for family photos and heirloom images. This is all new to Sue, blogging in WordPress, but she’s excited and catching on quick!

    I’m excited to see that photo album fill up, she’s got so many really fabulous and antique family photos that are so interesting to look at!

    Petroville Fall Blog Design


    petroville fall blog design

    Oh. Yeah. It’s done.

    I just launched MommaK‘s fall blog design, it’s been in the works for a while now. Custom everything, as always – that main graphic, just so you know, is comprised of over 10 separate images and custom graphics. You’ll never see another one like it.

    It’s insanely pretty, you HAVE to go see it. Go. See.

    Are you still here????

    Healing Change Blog Design


    I just completed this really pretty and serene business website ala blog design for The Healing Change, owned and operated by Lisa over at Snarkypants.

    She needed something to better display her content and wanted it to be professional, clean – and at the same time soft, feminine and serene. Of course I developed the whole thing in WordPress! I think it will really serve her well and can’t wait to see it further evolve with guest speakers, newsletters and so much more. It will definitely grow with her and her Reiki Coaching Classes and Angel Card Readings!

    Have a visit, let me know how you like it!

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