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  • Behold the turtle.
    He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  • Bloggy Gossip Launched



    Bloggy Gossip is another brainchild of mine that I’ve been working on for quite a while. In my head, mostly. Until last week, when I started finishing up the design and getting the domain all square, getting wordpress all upgraded, installing a boatload of plugins and fun things – and now I’m pushing the boat out into the water and crossing my fingers about the weather! It’s a Gossip Blog, about Bloggers.

    MommaK, an expert on Gossip and someone who is always in the know, will be co-authoring with me. She’s the blonde, of course! She’s smart as a whip and always up on the latest celebrations around blogland!

    Not to worry, it’s not for icky gossip, it’s just for the good stuff! So, if you have gossip you want to share, please go on over and fill out the little form, and we’ll check out your recommendation. We’ll be blogging daily on several topics, ranging from new bloggers to virtual baby showers, new homes and new blog designs. We’ll cover meme’s and youyou’s and even events and projects that ask for reader participation.

    It’s going to take a few days to really get it rolling, but go on over and grab up a button, add it to your feed reader, and tell your friends! It’s going to be a fun place to go to get the good news of the blogosphere!

    Gallery Updates Galore!


    I didn’t realize that I was 13 projects behind in updating my Gallery! Yikes! I just finished getting everything uploaded, categorized, prettied up and all that, so I’d love for you to have a browse through my newest additions. You can find the thumb view here, and just pick a category from my gallery there. I’ve added blog designs, custom illustrations, two custom cat portraits, a custom dog portrait, the flowerbed mural, and other paintings and projects on my completed project list for 2006.


    Now I need to show you the final scans of Mick, Maude and Cheeky. (You can find these in my gallery as well!) Scroll on down, they each get their own entry.

    New Look


    Well, have a look, check around, this is it. It’s the streamlined, clutter-free version of me. Of course I still have to tweak a couple of little things, but I’ll get to that (and you won’t even notice). I’m even going to add some prints and possibly some notecard sets to my blog specific prints page.

    Comments are now in a fun little popup window. Why not? It seemed so cute, I couldn’t resist.

    Please, tell me you love it – I’ll even settle for “I’ll get used to it”.

    (Seriously, you don’t have to appease me, I just prefer it that way.)

    Blog Design for FUN!


    I did it all for Fun – Mrs. Fun, that is. (Hardee har har, I know.) The blog and the gallery were both part of the plan – getting off Blogger and getting a more professional setup for her amazing photography, and a better platform for her bloggin’ self.

    Now she’s all prettified, comments work, no lag time (neener neener, blogspot!), and she’s got the latest version of WordPress. Go you, Mrs. Fun!

    Blog Goliard Illustration


    Blog Goliard has launched and incorporates an illustration that I posted in my gallery here. Lisa finalized his design and it looks really great! Stop over and say hello to Kevin, the handsome dude with the beard & glasses.

    Two Babes & A Brain


    I wanted to share these illustrations today too, they’re complete and will make their proper unveiling in their new logo at their domain soon. I’ll link it all up and give you larger images at that point, but for now I had to share more art!

    It’s great to be creative – and I know you guys only get to see what I can show you, ya’ll must think I walk around here with a hammer or my camera all day long by now!

    Update: The new header/logo is up and running, go have a look!


    Photoblog/Gallery Design


    I finished the custom design and installation of M. Dawson Photography‘s new gallery today. Fellow bloggers (or surfers of my blogroll) may be familiar with her work, maybe you aren’t – either way, her new gallery is fresh off the launch pad and will be up to speed soon with all the eye candies required to propel this lady into an amazing career in portrait photography. She has an incredible talent and I’m so glad to help her create a place that focuses on exactly that!

    Illustrations : A Glimpse


    I normally don’t share my doodley sketches, but got to playing with small sections of the three I’m working on and thought I’d give you a little glimpse of my sketchbook in its own artistic form. This will be the only work in progress of this one that I’ll share, I’ll show them again in their final form. I am also putting together a photoblog/gallery design for an amazing photographer that you’ll get to see and visit soon as well.

    I hope your weekend is wrapping up nicely.

    Just Dreamy


    I just launched another one of the projects on my “to-do” list, this is my new dream blog , Just Dreamy. I’ll be blogging my dreams over there. The link is also in my sidebar if you want to jump over there from here.

    The reason I got it done? I had a doozie of a dream lastnight and wanted to write it out first thing this morning. Of course once I had an entry, I had to have a design, right? So, yes, by the way, that’s me in that header. I took a self-portrait this morning especially for my new blog.

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