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  • The Clay Show Blog Design


    the clay show blog design male masculine industrialI finished up a new design for EW last week – you can read more about the project here.

    It’s grunge, masculine, industrial – it screams “guy blog”. Head on over to The Clay Show and see it live. :)

    From Medskool


    I just finished up a design for EWebscapes, this one is really neat! It’s From Medskool. “The journey to and through”.

    The (student) doctor graphic is a custom illustration that I completed a couple of weeks ago – then wrapped this nifty design around it. I just love how the “O” is being squeezed by the blood pressure cuff. The whole layout just came together exactly as I saw it in my “artistic eye”. I love when that happens!

    Custom Illustration WIP #2


    This custom blog illustration has been tweaked, the line drawing is done, and I’ve colored it in. The blood pressure cuff is just floating there, it will be grounded within the layout of the blog design. I just love this guy! (He’s pending, there may be further and minor revisions.)

    I love my job.

    Illustration Sketch WIP


    Here’s a rough (very rough) sketch of a custom illustration that I’m working on – this is the preliminary sketch. Things may change within it, but I thought it turned out so cute I just had to share. He’ll be incorporated into a blog design when he’s finished.

    Fun stuff going on here in my little corner of the web today!

    Hope you’re having a good one, I will catch up on my mail and your comments in the next day or two!

    Blog Goliard Illustration


    Blog Goliard has launched and incorporates an illustration that I posted in my gallery here. Lisa finalized his design and it looks really great! Stop over and say hello to Kevin, the handsome dude with the beard & glasses.

    Vikingwolf aka Michael


    Michael Fräse is a dear friend of mine, he’s a mentor and one of my all-time favorite artists . He has motivated me when I felt like giving up, spoken words of wisdom that ring in my ears every time I pick up a brush – every time I consider a new painting. Our mutual admiration has extended to the technological side of our work, and with that we have been working together, alongside E.Webscapes to create a working gallery to display his paintings in an appropriate environment.

    If you can imagine, my blogging friends, creating 197+ blog entries in 12 hours or less, you’ll know what my day was like yesterday. Lisa coded up the stylesheets a few months ago, and I’ve been working on the content, plugins, and tweaking the code as needed. My carpel tunnel caused me excruciating pain lastnight, I couldn’t even type an open bracket for code without letting out a gasp in pain. I slept with my wrist brace on lastnight, and it feels better today – although I’ll have to make it a short day on the keyboard to fully recoup.

    For now, and I have a lot of work to do yet, please browse over to Michael’s new website. His work is beautiful and inspiring. It should be a couple of days before I post the final screenshot and add him to my completed project list – but I couldn’t wait, worked too hard yesterday to not share what I’ve been working on! You’ll be able to order prints directly from him later this week if you’re interested, too.

    Go on! Check out !

    JtGND – Inspiring Blog Design


    During the creation of the main theme for Nicole’s website, we explored the option of using an image other than the one I illustrated for her blog. Ultimately, I was able to work up a design incorporating that illustration – but at the same time she fell in love with the second concept and decided to go for both. So, that’s what she’s got, both!

    I just love how celestial, peaceful and heavenly this design looks on her website. I think it fits with her calm and loving nature. Stop over and have a look at the full-sized live version, and let her know how you like it!

    If you would like to inquire about a custom illustration, blog or website design, please place your inquiry/order through E.Webscapes. Thank you!

    CrunchyGOP : Blog Designs


    What have I been doing? Well go on over to Sunny’s new WordPress blog and have a look! (She’s moved from blogspot, and brought all of her posts and comments with her! Yahoo!)

    She’s Crunchy, and sleek, and carries a Blackberry and a Briefcase! Sunny ordered up two designs, and one custom illustration. I illustrated the girl on the main theme for her, and built the design around the girl. Whew!

    You can flip over to her second theme, Crunchy Elephant, in the sidebar.

    This one is very yellow, very fun, and very Elephant-y, with a tie-dye twist! No custom illustrations on that one, it’s full of creative and customized graphics, though! Stop over at Sunny’s place and have a look around!

    If you would like to inquire about a custom illustration, blog or website design, please place your inquiry/order through E.Webscapes. Thank you!

    Holy Mama! Blog Design


    This new look is for a new blogger, Holy Mama! She opened up shop not too long ago and decided to go for something more than the default templates. Now she’s got a neat new look for her neat new blog!

    Go on and have a look, give her a read, and say hello! She’s a Thursday Thirteener, to boot!

    If you would like to inquire about a custom illustration, blog or website design, please place your inquiry/order through E.Webscapes. Thank you!

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