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    It’s official, I’ll be doing artwork for blogs designed by E.Webscapes!

    It’s no secret that Lisa (owner, founder and blog guru) and I have been working together on a few projects here in my own blog design, I’ve been painting her critters, and we’ve just gotten along famously. :mrgreen:

    Her blog and website design biz has just exploded, so much so that she’s just recently hired two new folks to carry some of her load. Now she’s sprucing things up a little more by adding a professional artist (moi!) to be on hand to develop customized art for her clients designs!

    If you’re on LJ (LiveJournal) or Blogger, or any other blogging platform out there with an ‘eh’ so-so design, here are a few E.Webscapes resources for you to keep on hand when you decide to put your blog on your website, or just revamp it with a super sweet new layout & design, like mine!

    E.Webscapes Design Blog, where I’m formally announced, and Lisa is running a special right now on custom artwork (by me!) as well as hosting specials and LiveJournal deals.

    Here’s a list of E.Webscapes services, that includes all this stuff and more: Website Hosting, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Blog Templates/Skins, New Blogger Set Up, Program/Script Install, Software Installation and Upgrades, Site Skinning, Discussion Board Set Up (phpBB, vBulliten, others?), Photo Gallery Set Up (Gallery, Coppermine, more?), Advertising Banners, Custom Logo Design, Custom Graphics, rendered by a professional artist!

    Here’s a list of stand-alone items, and here are the package deals for those serious about revamping and moving into something totally one-of-a-kind! Just look at their portfolio – they do amazing things!!

    Needless to say, I am very excited about this and know from experience that Lisa and the team at E.Webscapes are in it for the long haul, and their prices just can’t be beat for the outstanding service and functional designs you get.

    So there you have it! I’ll link you guys so you can have a look when my artwork is implemented into a design, I am really looking forward to being a part of the blog-design biz!

    P.S. I’m still doing my own thing, too! Custom portraits, pets, people, monochromatics, that’s not going to go away, E. Webscapes is an addition to my own services! :)

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