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  • Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.
  • Carly Sue – Scan & Reference Photo


    HERE she is…

    The flash & background really washed her colors out in this photo, and mom had sent a dozen or so to work from so I enhanced her colors using another photo that didn’t make her eyes and coat look “pale”. :)

    I’ve got some treadmilling to do before I start painting this morning, so I’ll update when I’m ready to start. Yeaaah, alright I’ll paint on cam. :P~



    Homecoming is the final title for this painting. The scan is phenominal, and I’ll throw a couple of closeups in here too, the dog tags as well as my sig. Beautiful piece, I’m a proud mama.

    I’ll start working on a sweetie of a Calico all curled up. I’ll get her sketched out this afternoon and you can have a look at her tonight before I start painting tomorrow.

    2 Completed, One new one in progress


    I have the final scans of Mo & Cleo for you, both have been varnished and are ready to ship. I love both of them, they are beautiful animals.

    I have my webcam on already. My head and heart are both in need of a major release. I’ll be working on my emotional piece, you may be able to see the sketch on the canvas and you may remember the composition. If the cam lags or anything just hop on Yahoo IM and holler at me there ok? (my ID is “intricateartist”.)

    I’m going to leave the webcam on all day, and probably all night, and all day tomorrow. I’m not going to shut it off until this piece is done. I may not check back in here until then either.

    Thank you. For your thoughts, prayers, and e-mails. I love you guys. (sniffles)

    Here are the two beauties of the day:

    Cleo’s reference (I’ve already posted Mo’s):

    Gus – the Scan


    Here’s Gus, the final scan. I didn’t make any further revisions, his Ma & Pa are happy and that’s that!

    What a wierd day, a friend of mine decided to give me a mindbender of a read about John Titor. If you haven’t heard of him, he (his name being an alias) is a time traveler who seemingly very innocently visited a public forum or two while he was (here) in the year 2000-2001, he is from 2036. Wild stuff, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it if you get a chance to read! Fact or Fiction?

    I woke up way too early today with way too much pain in my foot. The bruising has set in, and it’s creepy looking!! I actually began to think my foot was going to fall off. Then I failed miserably in the shower and got my bandages wet. Good grief, I’m going to get in trouble! My doc, sweet and smart and so very very thorough, has been very strict with me about helping her help me heal. And I’m a terrible patient, because I believe I know what’s best for me. :P~

    I did run (not literally) to Blockbuster lastnight and pick up “Day After Tomorrow”, what a great movie! (Mark? Did you see it? Want me to send it to you?) They also had “Girl With A Pearl Earring” on sale so I snagged it up too. I read the book, haven’t seen the movie yet. I’d like to sit down with some popcorn and Pearl later tonight.

    I’ll start painting my next piece tomorrow! I know Mo came in second with your pick, but I need to purr a little bit between woofs, know what I mean? So guess who I’ll paint next? ;)

    Hope you are all having a great day, it’s cold, raining, and eerily too much like fall turning to winter here! IEW!!! (Anyone with a rake, you are invited to my house as soon as possible. Bring friends, and have your friends bring their rakes, too.)


    Pick my next painting!


    Ok guys! You get to pick my next painting! :D

    Choice #1: Gus

    Choice #2: Baby

    Choice #3: Mo

    Leave your comment here, anonymous if you wish, I’ll be painting one of these on webcam beginning tomorrow!

    Head’s up! Custom Pet Portrait Auction


    With the holidays coming up and a growing list of commissions as well as a couple of scheduled surgeries, my current penny/no-reserve custom pet portrait auction will be the last one of the year. I want to be sure that I will be able to get everyone’s commissions done before Christmas.

    Just wanted to give you guys a couple of days notice before the auction ends, it is still low, less than my 8×10 Christmas Special pricing! Happy Bidding!

    Mark, the Million Dollar Man Auction



    If anyone reading this knows if there’s been a link to Mark’s Portrait auction posted somewhere, could you let me know where it is? Holy Wow there are a ton of visitors today!

    I’ve had a few more really nice comments through it, and a couple of poopie heads, but you’ll have that, eh? I’m grateful for those who appreciate what I did. I’ve even had an inquiry for a custom portrait of another fella, of course I’m not charging a million bucks for ’em, so if you’re curious about that and my pricing, just ask. Our guys and gals in uniform get special pricing. ;)

    Another Custom Pet Portrait Auction Listed!


    I just listed another $1 No Reserve Custom Pet Portrait Auction…

    you can view my listings here!


    Mark’s painting has received a ton of exposure already. I’ve receieved a couple of comments through it, do you believe someone actually took the time to click through to give me a NEGATIVE comment? It wasn’t just negative, it was just crude. Thank God my hubby makes up for that person’s lack of decency. ;)

    Million Dollar Man & Pearl


    Mark’s portrait is finished and listed.

    You can see his eBay listing here: Mark’s Portrait Auction

    I’ve also listed Girl With A Pearl Earring, you can see her eBay listing here:
    Pearl’s Auction

    I spent a lot of time writing their details, and preparing their auction images, so I hope you enjoy them both!

    Loves & Hugs!

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