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  • Done done done done done!


    I think! LOL I know, you guys don’t see any difference do you? I will update the collage of all of the work in progress pics later on.

    I’ve got her hanging/drying in my new red room. ;)

    Here she is in the evening, Wow. I love the ambiance!

    you can click on the thumbs for a larger view, but be warned, the paint is still wet and I reserve the right to tweak her as needed. :D

    Now I don’t know when I will be updating, maybe later tonight, maybe not for a few days, I really don’t know yet! I will try to let you know!

    Friday Garage/Moving Sale


    We’re heading out for the morning/afternoon, my mother-in-law is having a garage/moving sale so we’ll be helping her with it today!

    I am trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done before Mark comes home on leave, so to help facilitate all of these projects, I just relisted a couple of paintings and a bunch of prints, 3 of them are Limited Editions! They are 3-Day listings, so they’ll be over by the end of the weekend! Here they are!

    I’ll be back later today to paint… :)


    Busy Day Ahead!


    Good morning!

    It’s going to be a busy day today. Caitlin leaves for school in a bit, then I’ll be getting Jay ready for her first day in Pre-K! She is so excited, and has to wear a necklace she said. LOL

    I have an appointment this morning while she’s at school, and will also be swinging by the post office to drop off the paintings I wanted to ship yesterday (the Coon wasn’t dry yet). I got up at 6AM to get all of the packages put together.

    Today is also “pay the bills” day, iew! Sitting down at the table with the big giant calculator, you know how that goes? Blaaahhhh I’m glad that only happens 2 days a month. hehe! Oh how I wish my brain was a calculator some days. I suppose I should take some Advil an hour before I do that, huh?

    I also have some website updates to do today, to my site as well as another one. I have so many things to add to my galleries!

    I think that about covers what I’ll be up to today, how about you?

    Have a great day, I will leave you with the scan of the Coon painting as your eye candy today! See ya later!

    One more time!


    Okee doke, the front of the painting was dry so I got a scan! Now I’ll show you Sandy’s reference photo with the scan of the finished painting. I have a few paintings to ship so I will probably do that tomorrow or Monday.

    I took Jay to a Early Learning Center here and she got involved with the other kids right away! We were just checking it out today to see how she’d like it, so I went ahead and signed her up for (2) 4-hour classes a week. Fun!!! She is so excited!

    I will be painting my next piece on cam. Did I tell you what it’s going to be? I don’t think I did. I’m not going to, either. Nyah! :P~ You can watch me paint and guess away!

    Asia’s Scan!


    Ahh much better. :)

    Red Tailed Hawk COMPLETED!

    I just finished! My wrist is KILLIN me, going to run to the store & pick up a few things, one of them a wrist support.

    This is a pretty accurate pic on my monitor. I’ll let it dry tonight & scan it for auction in the morning. Put your food away, I don’t want him spotting it and gettin’ all hungry. Especially since I sharpened his talons so well! ;)

    Have a great afternoon & evening!


    Custom Pet Portrait Auction!


    I’m nuts! Ok, here’s what I’ve done…

    I’ve just listed a Custom Pet/Animal Portrait Auction on eBay. I started the auction at ONE PENNY, no reserve, the highest bidder wins a custom portrait of their pet or favorite animal! So there you have it! Click the collage below to view the auction & bid if you like! :)

    Blue Eyes…Scanned & Listed!

    Click on him to see the fabulous detail images in his auction

    Tortie is done!


    I just finished Tortie and listed him too. This is a digital pic, of course I can’t wait for the painting to dry to scan it on the flatbed! I will replace the auction images once I get the scan, but this is accurate to color (just not to all the detail I like to show!!)

    Click the pic to see the auction:

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