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  • Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.
  • Scan of Logan


    Here’s a better pic of him, and he’s linked to his auction, where you can see a nice detail scan of his eyes. :)

    meow… >^..^< …meow

    Someone who reads my blog will probably find this cutie pie to be a familiar face! One of my wonderful clients and friends has a slew (slew is an accurate term, isn’t it P?) of kitties. She shares the sweetest moments that she captures of her babies with me. This is Logan, sneaky kitty, thinks that basket is all his. ;)

    This one should be dry some time tomorrow so I can scan him, for now an evening digital is just going to have to do! (by the way, he’s 8×8 in oil)

    I will leave you with a teenie tiny sneak peek at the other gorgeous feline I’m painting. I actually have had them side by side and have been painting on each of them today, but once I got to Logan’s basket I decided to just concentrate on getting him done first. hehe!

    His eye is done; he’s a tortoiseshell kitty (10×8 oil)

    Here ya go…. (updated with another late night work in progress shot!)

    Have a great evening, all!


    Anniversary Rose Painting


    It’s complete!  Remember that nice photo I took from the anniversary bouquet that Mark sent?  Yep, the painting is done.  I love it, it turned out so beautiful I had to close my eyes and type out the listing!  Here it is, available on eBay. 

    Thank you for the beauty-full flowers, Mark!   :)*

    Ebay Listings…


    Yep folks, I gave in to eBay’s one day listing fee sale.  I will be changing over to Artbyus for future listings, but for today I went ahead and listed everything I’ve got!   That includes my Peach Rosebud, First Prize Macro, and my Buckeye Wing that I’ve hung onto from last summer.  All of my prints are up, too!  Here are all of my listings….

    Going to go paint!  Have a great day!

    Rose Paintings – Good scans!


    Here’s what they reeeeeallly look like!  (Except for the First Prize Macro painting, I added my digital sig which is not on the front of the painting.)  They’re dry now, got good scans of them this morning.  I registered with ArtByUs this morning, which is an auction site strictly for art by original artists.  I think I’ll pull the bud from eBay and put both of these over there.  My userID there is “intricateart”, I’ll get links when I list them – which won’t be today, ’cause we’re going to the zoo!! 

    Art & Construction.


    Most of my Print Auctions are ending today if you haven’t seen them yet. I added my Purple Tulip to my available prints, it looks lovely!! (I am partial to purple!)

    Mark has been asking me to make a stencil of Wile E. Coyote for the guys over there to use on a few things. That’s not the stencil of course, this is my test spray of it with hand embellishments that Mark can hang on his wall of photos. :D I sent it off yesterday, along with a few spare stencils they can trace onto something else. I know how guys are, they like to rip and tear stuff up if it doesn’t go how they want it to go! Goofy guys! Ok that’ll be $150 bucks guys, for chiropractic treatment on my hand and wrist from holding that daggone x-acto so tight & pressing through many layers of cardboard! (Just kidding! about the bill, not the

    Did I tell you my Stargazers outside of my front window are blooming? OOOOOH yes they are! Yummy!! (I smell more paintings of them coming!)

    What else…ooohhh yea…the room. Well I think I’m going to have to take a progress picture of the mess I made yesterday. oops. The ceiling, well ok the FIRST ceiling (yes there are two, just like the walls), appeared to have some water damage on top of damage I made removing the closets – on top of just being old and stinky. :P

    I ripped them out.

    Blown cotton insulation fell like rain – ok no more like a monsoon or something – all over everything. Last night’s trip to Lowe’s brought home a 12 gallon shop vac (everyone should have one of these, and they’re ON SALE!), 2 rolls of insulation to replace that other gook, and a FACE MASK. Good gravy! I couldn’t have had enough bandana’s on my head to prevent that stuff from getting up my nose. :P~

    Here’s the mess!

    Today I have to clean up my mess. Then I have to get all the wood I tore down out of the house!! There are a few pieces “in tact” from the closets – framing, thick pine paneling, etc. and I told Caitlin I would see what I could save to build them a mini-house in the backyard. Wouldn’t that be cool? They may be getting their own little pine cabin. Fun!! I always wanted one of those!

    Ok I’m procrastinating now… I’m going to go outside with my coffee and camera and do my morning wake-up and smell nature thing! :)

    Have a Happy Tuesday & thanks for stopping by!!

    Site updates, Prints, NEW Toronto Pics!


    Happy Tuesday (it is Tuesday, isn’t it?!)

    Just finished a few site updates:

    The Home page has a new transition including Toronto Swampy, Honey, Rocky and my Stargazer paintings.

    The Custom Cat Portraits gallery now includes both Rocky and Simba, original reference photos and final scanned images of the paintings.

    The Custom Dog Portraits gallery has also been updated to include Honey and Dom’s portraits, reference photos and all!

    I think that’s it for now… I still need to get the print gallery updated, I think I will do that in a bit, my eyes are going cross!

    UPDATE! one more thing! I just listed a buncha prints on eBay, Four new ones including two new LIMITED EDITION print auctions! Here’s a linkie to my auctions!

    ANOTHER UPDATE! ok two more things! LOL! My client sent photos of where Toronto will be placed! I am overwhelmed with excitement, this park looks gorgeous, absolutely the coziest spot ever for Toronto!

    Back to your regularly scheduled surfing…

    Come see Toronto Swampy!


    I just finished uploading his final images,

    Go see the Frog!


    Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am going to run a couple of errands!



    Just completed Simba, Rocky’s roomie and pal.

    The frog arrived, got him unpacked and set up to start, I need to go hang sheeting around him under the carport so he’s protected from the elements while I begin to spray the first coat of enamel (it’s an adhesion promoter). By the way, Mom helped me clean out the garage yesterday so I could park Mark’s truck in there. I think this is the first time we’ve ever parked a vehicle in the garage! LOL! Yahoo! Thanks Mom!!! xoxo!

    My new digital camera arrived too, have the battery on the charger already so as soon as that’s charged I’ll take pics of the blank froggie and get a page up for him so you can see his progress!

    Here’s Simba… also 10×10 in oils…

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