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  • Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
    and the soil and sky as canvas.
  • Rocky :D


    I’m going to be working on Simba this evening, will probably post him tomorrow. I sent Rocky off to Mama too so she can have a looksee (and just in case you’re wondering, all of the P’s said it’s cool for you all to see their babies portraits!)

    Also wanted to say a quick THANK YOU! to all my “new” friends and commenters! You guys are all so sweet! I am going to save replying & e-mail stuff for morning, it seems to be the best time for me to dig in on that before treadmilling. ;)

    So ok, here we go. He’s a 10×10 Oil Painting (caution: wet paint!)

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your pit-stops here to see some pretty eye-candies!


    Completed Dom!


    Here he is! He is SO beautiful!! This is 12×16 in Oils. (by the way Honey the Yorkie is an india ink painting)

    Well Dom, how do you like your portrait? If you wouldn’t mind asking your mom what she thinks too, that’d be swell! ;)

    Hiya Honey!


    I’m such an overachiever. ;)

    I thought I could finish 4 paintings today?! What was I thinkin’? I spent all day on this sweetiepie. I’ll be painting all weekend, and then Toronto Frog arrives Monday and I have to have him finished by next Saturday. So, what I don’t get finished this weekend has to wait until after the 28th.

    There’s still a possibility of some modifications on her, I will know after the weekend. Here she is!

    Dedicated to my Hubby


    This one is for you, Mark. Thank you. I love you.

    Better pics tomorrow, need some daylight! I’ll list it tomorrow too, unless of course anyone wants to make me an offer on it before it goes up for sale to the public.

    Stargazer Lily 12×12 – 1 1/2″ Gallerywrap canvas in OILS

    Prints & Mud!


    Welcome to my mudpile. LOL!

    I spent all day yesterday cleaning gutters, and getting this huge pile of dirt broken down enough to move easily into a landscaped type mound that will follow the corner fenceline and be covered in hostas and nice partial shade plantings. Of course we got the torrential downpour as scheduled this morning, and now I won’t be able to get back to it until it dries out a bit. So far so good though, I think it will look nice when it’s finished! Not that you can tell much from this photo, but the dirt was taller than I am, about 6 foot tall I’d say, and now I’ve got it down to about 4 feet.

    Ok on to business!!! For those of you who are interested in a print of Squirrely III, he’s been added to my print gallery, and my print gallery has changed a bit! It is super cool, so even if you don’t plan to purchase anything right now, have a look anyway! I spent quite a few hours figuring out the coding for this, in preparation for an overhaul on another one of my client’s sites, so I tested it out on my site first! :D Click here to go directly to the new prints page!

    I plan on beginning the backgrounds for my two cat portraits (in oils) later today.

    Also, the pet portrait giveaway contest ends tomorrow! Have you entered? Ya gotta play if you wanna win! ;)

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!


    Squirrely the Third!


    He’s done! Boy do I love these little critters. In fact I just put out a bunch of popcorn for them out back!

    Yesterday went by so fast, I was a little bummed I didn’t get him finished. But now he’s done. YAY! We’re leaving in a few minutes for an eye exam appointment for me, I’m going to get contacts! :D

    Not much else going on today, just catching up on housework. I just want to know how 3 people can produce 4-5 bags of trash a week? At least I know I’m not a packrat. LOL

    I’ll be testing prints of this one later today or tomorrow, depending on how long the appointment goes. I have some webdesign projects that need attention tonight, so we’ll see!

    Hey, now that I’m thinking about it, those of you who voted for “other animal”, I’d love for you to reply here (even if it’s anonymous!) and let me know what animal! I know one of the 4 is a skunk… anyone else wanna let me know?

    Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

    Orange Poppy!


    BOING! Good afternoon! How ’bout this for a afternoon wake-up call? I just finished and listed it on ebay, you can click the painting to go see it there. You may want to go grab your sunglasses. :)

    It’s a great day, chilly and windy – where am I, Chicago!? Sheesh! But it’s sunny and bright and beautiful. I’ve been walking and painting today. I also ordered this very cool vacuum sealer thingie so I can send Mark more brownies and not have to use so much tape (and suck the air out of the bags myself) next time. haha!

    We did get to chat this morning too, which of course is very cool. Funny thing happened (don’t you love sentences that start like that?) we were chatting away and about 10 til 8 this morning I hollered for Caitlin to finish getting ready since she leaves at 8’ish for school. Right then Mark says he’ll let me go so I can get Caitlin off to school. Hm. I am far too predictable! LOL

    I am loving the new equipment – the scan of this painting went insanely fast for the resolution I used, and the colors were right on, didn’t have to modify them at all. Go Epson!!!

    Ok off to play around s’more. Have a great afternoon!



    I just went on a ebay listing spree! Alex ended, so I relisted him, and then I also put BeethovenAndy’s Dream out there! You might remember that one, I painted him last fall for the AKC/Eukanuba commemorative poster competition. Oooh the winning piece for that contest is beautiful! But I am pretty certain I made it in the finals with Andy, even though he didn’t win. ;)

    I’ve been low on “juice” today, and this springtime sinus/cold junk is making my head cloudy so I haven’t done much today. A little treadmilling, a little lounging, a little bill paying, and then a listing spree. And there you have it! My whole day wrapped up into one sentence. LOL

    I hope your weekend was a great one! On to Monday, and some warmer weather! (Pleaaassseeeee!)


    Completed Kitty!


    Good morning everyone!

    I was up late lastnight (make that early this morning) finishing up Timmy! **THIS IS THE FINAL SCAN of the painting! Much nicer than the digital, eh? Click on his image to view the auction! :)

    Mark called a little while ago. He’s doing good! They have 2 man trailers over there that are a pretty decent size. No kitchen/bathroom or any of that fancy stuff, but they have power and blank wall space that needs fillin’ up. I think I can take care of that problem! Those calling card minutes are expensive! He ran out of minutes on the first call ’cause I didn’t have the right number from him to recharge it. So we got off the phone (after getting the right info) and he got back in line while I recharged. :D Caitlin got to talk to him when he called back. whooohoo! Now I have some shopping to do, he needs powdered gatorade, they don’t have it over there. He also wants me to go “pick up” a wireless laptop. I have no idea how I’m going to do that, do you think computer sales people take good looks and short skirts into consideration when bartering? hehe!

    Weight loss progress: Same as yesterday, only add a day! (Friday night. Had to eat out. daggone it!)

    HAPPY SATURDAY!!! I’ll stop back later and update if anything exciting happens. For now I think I’d just like to hang out with the girls a bit and find a new fuzzy animal that inspires me.

    Have a great one!

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