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  • Custom Dog Portraits : Tucker WIP #2


    Custom dog painting in progress

    Here’s my progress on Tuckers portraits today, I did not work in that kerchif – I’ll get that done next session. It might take me a little longer to complete these since I’m working them both at the same time – we’ll see if they’re ready for more paint tomorrow.

    Custom Dog Portraits : Tucker WIP #1


    custom dog portrait golden retriever oil painting progress leanne wildermuth

    I completed the backgrounds on Tucker’s portraits yesterday, they’re a nice neutral earth tone that will really bring out the Gold in his coat. I’ll work the underpaintings when the background is dry, and I’m hoping that will be tomorrow.

    Bird Portrait : Kiwi Complete


    custom bird parrot portrait oil painting leanne wildermuth Yellow-Sided Green Cheeked Conure

    Kiwi’s portrait is complete. Yes, I spent a nice weekend day relaxing in my studio and garden. I can’t help but be productive, because it doesn’t seem like work to me! Here’s the previous work in progress so you can see the difference:

    custom bird portrait painting in progress Yellow-Sided Green Cheeked Conure

    I’ll likely finish Boo tomorrow, after church and other planned festivities. Then I’ll be preparing all of the portraits I’ve painted this week for shipping, and sending them out Monday and Tuesday.

    Husky Portrait : Jambalaya Complete


    red white husky custom oil portrait painting original leanne wildermuth

    Jam’s portrait is complete (Mom – Dad – did you want a big pic?) – my webcam went CRAZY today. Ugh all I can really say is friends? Don’t let your friends sing on webcam without realizing the VOLUME IS ON. Nobody heard that, right? Well I found a mute button, clicked it, and then it kept freezing and crashing. You are either going to have to deal with my singing, hollering at my kids and general normal person-ness or I am going to have to find a fix for that. (ahem. I’m looking.)

    So here’s Jam, in all her firey Red & White Bi-colored Eyed Husky glory – enjoy!

    Cat Portrait : Simba Complete


    custom cat portrait oil painting original leanne wildermuth
    I just put the finishing touches on Simba’s custom portrait, he’s even got a whisker poking through my signature.

    I’ll post the scan & details once the painting is dry, of course.

    If you watched me on cam, let me know how it looks – can you see the details going onto the canvas? Should I reposition the cam?

    Cat Portrait : Rex Complete


    completed custom cat portrait painting tuxedo oil original leanne wildermuth
    Rex’s portrait is complete. If you tuned in to watch me paint (my signature, five times), thank you for stopping in! Let me know how you liked it!

    I’ve set up a little photo album to feature some of the photos that my clients have shared with me – so if you’d like to be featured in my rotating gallery, send me a pic of you with your painting, or the painting/print on your wall.

    Husky Portrait : Jam WIP #1


    custom dog husky portrait oil painting leanne wildermuth

    Jambalaya is SUCH a pretty girl. Those bi-colored eyes are so cool! I am in love with this dog.

    Her underpainting is complete, so I’ll give her a day to dry and finish her portrait in the next few days.

    I’ve got to find a better live webcam service – if you know of one, drop your suggestion in the comment box! The quality on this one is so rough. I’ll see if I can’t get a new one going before I start painting tomorrow.

    Cat Portrait : Rex WIP #1


    custom tuxedo cat portrait oil painting leanne wildermuth

    If you’ve caught me on my studio cam – this is what you were watching me paint. This portrait of Rex is just 4″ x 4″ so it’s pretty small and these move along pretty quickly. He’s about finished – I’ll detail his black fur and white whiskers tomorrow, and enhance the gloss on his eyes just a bit more.

    Projects, Projects and MORE Projects!


    Just a quick update on my schedule, for anyone interested/waiting:

    I’ve completed two blog designs this week:

    • SpencersGame
    • Eartodastreetz

    And a few last week, in case you missed them:

    Next week is wide open and I’ll be in the studio finishing up several custom pet portrait paintings:

    • Simba, a fluffy orange tabby
    • Kiwi & Boo, a pair of bird portraits
    • Jambalaya, a red & white husky portrait
    • Rex, a tuxedo kitty cat portrait

    Then I’ll be back to blog designing for a few more weeks, then a couple more portraits, then a couple more designs … it’s going to be a busy summer!

    Stay tuned for portrait progress updates!

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