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    Selecting the keywords for your site to bring your business to the top 20 search results in Google is a pretty big deal – and it can also be extremely difficult. You can analyze keywords all day long but you really don’t know what someone is going to “call something”, it’s like Googling for “pop” or “coke”. How do you choose which one is more popular over the other? Which one is used more often, and is a more “common” term?

    Being an artist – it’s even more challenging. How do people search for art? DO people search for art? Does anyone even think about having a custom pet portrait done, or is it a somewhat unique idea limited to a certain group of people? Then I’m left to wonder if people use fine art terminology, like realism, abstract, surreal, impressionism or pop art – or do they boil it down to layman’s terms, like painter, artist, pet art – or even further down to the specific painting or artist name that they search for?

    This brings me to my poll – how would you Google it? If you were looking for an artist to paint your pet, what would you type into that search box on Google? I’d love to get your feedback. You can select up to 3 answers, and of course comments are open so you can let me know if you’d use a term that I haven’t listed here. Your input and feedback is very much appreciated, and will help a lot of artists looking for this kind of input to get their portfolio’s online and noticed by the right people.

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    Updated to add– While I totally appreciate that there are wonderful SEO companies and knowledgeable SEO experts who offer services to nail keywords, the purpose of my post was to get human input. Since artists, primarily, are not well off to pay for these kinds of services, they rely on the help, assistance and feedback from other artists and friends. :)

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