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  • Bastages


    Some dumba$$es decided it was my turn to be hacked, so they dumped a “Paypal” folder into my domain and mass e-mailed a bajillion paypal users with some crap that they needed to update their password, etc, etc… You know the spam mail some people forward to Yes well the fraudulent link that people were redirected to? Right here on MY OWN DOMAIN. Bastages. Truly. I *wish* upon the biggest brightest star that people used their intelligence for GOOD, not EVIL and make real money doing real productive things in this life.

    GAWD some people really truly SUCK!!

    So my domain was suspended temporarily, I frantically spoke with my hosting company and they were so very nice about what I needed to do. All is well again, but you know? For a half hour or better I coulda just thrown up.

    The good news? Really, there isn’t any. Come on. I just deleted the folders, but those jerks are still out there, and will do it to someone else. I wish there were good news.

    Is it time for a password change on all of your accounts?

    UPDATE: A great way to avoid this on your own domain? Go into your cpanel, create a paypal folder, lock it up with a password, and then add a redirect from that paypal/ directory to your index page. There. Then if they try to dump that crap on your server, anyone who clicks the link in a spoof e-mail will get redirected immediately, and the hackers can get to work on another evil plan to destroy random webmaster’s days.

    New Gallery Peek!


    I know a few of you have been waiting for my new gallery layout to go live. Well it’s allllmost ready, so I’ve decided to show you and see how you like it!

    -> New Gallery < -

    There are a few more things that need tweaking, of course, it won’t go live until it’s all done. I’m going to work on it for a little while this afternoon as I wait for the mailmain to bring me that ONE piece of mail that will tell me if a jury thinks I’m any good, which for some reason always gets me in a tizzy.

    Anyhoo, tell me what you think about that new setup! I’ll be in there doin’ stuff while you’re looking.

    Gallery Day


    Lisa, my buddy over at E.Webscapes is going to be giving my gallery a facelift beginning today (unless those daggone fish in the lake start calling her name), and I’ll be hanging around getting things purdyful on my end.

    I’ll be here allllllllllll day, pretty much, I think.

    Keep me company, wouldjya? Leave me a comment, tell me what you’re up to this weekend. Have great weather? Going swimming? Yardwork? Or are you gonna stay in the A/C and avoid the humidity as much as possible?

    Maybe I’ll surf a bit and share some fun links with you. I have to admit, my stats here on my blog are making me feel like I’m b.o.r.i.n.g. the heck out of you guys. Where else do you guys go? Share some linkage with me!

    C’monnnn throw me a bone, I’m gonna be staring at my monitor anyway, gimme something to look at!

    His Wife is Wierd.


    But practical, and an even better term, innovative! Because everyone here who enjoys raking, raise your hand!?

    I was gonna rake, I really was. But how long would it take to rake a bunch of rotten seed? And who wants to see pictures of my birdies dead on the ground from some wierd intestinal tract infection from my rotten seeds? And he thought I was wierd. “What on earth?!?!”, he said. “What’d we buy this thing for?!”, I said. It’s a shop vac, so why not?? And it worked. Brilliantly I might add. And so I proceeded to use it to vacuum the helicopters lying around that have been bothering me. And now they’re gone. And I feel smart. And he sat in a chair and took pictures. (And when I saw some of them I said, “you pervert!” and laughed. Because perverts are really cute, when you’ve been married to them for 15 years.) And he said “you’re nuts. you better blog this!”, and so I am. How much you wanna bet that he realizes the benefits of my ingenuity when he cleans out the gutters today? hehe.


    Now for some real eye candy. I spy, with my little eye, something soft and fuzzy clinging to a tree! Do you know what it is???

    OH yuk, the bad part of the day yesterday, malware and spyware and viruses, OH MY! I had used trendmicro diligently (house call, scan for stuff) for a very long time, but lastnight when we returned from running errands I had some strange thing asking for permission for access to the internet (I use ZoneAlarm). It’s a program called WildTangent. Apparently not a good program, even though it claims to be a tool for viewing media. Hm. So it’s filled with spyware and junk, and I uninstalled it. But it left pawprints in my registry, so I deleted that. Then I found a helper place online (which I’ll link to when I can remember the site name), and they recommended scanning your computer using Panda (link here, opens in new window, select “free online scan” in the top right corner, or purchase active scan pro.). I did. It found SEVEN infected files. I purchased the online pro scan (which removes all the junk if you don’t know how to remove it manually from the free scan results, and it was cheap for a scan/removal tool, 6-months at $8.99). I’m re-scanning now after manually removing 4 yicky infected files.

    So, please, everyone scan your systems with this thing, I’d hate to think of anyone losing all their data, because if it happened to me, I would cry. Really hard. And become a hermit and never talk again. So GO SCAN FOR YICKY BUGS.

    I’ll be painting today, on cam perhaps, so check out my cam status later. Come back many times. Check often! My blog will still be pretty, and you can watch me vacuum my yard! It’ll be GREAT Sunday fun!

    Blog Wonkyness


    Psstt… you may notice some ups and downs, but maybe not. I’m getting an upgrade tonight and changing and tweaking some things here!


    EWebscapes Hiring!


    Hey everybody, I’m gonna plug Lisa here and try to help her out, she’s looking for some part-time help with her design biz!

    Minimum Requirements:

    Documented experience in graphic design and web development

    Experience with popular blogging software. Mainly: MT, WordPress, TypePad and Blogger. (MT and TypePad experience is a PLUS)

    HTML/CSS knowledge is a must

    Truthful, open and honest communication with all people at all times

    Excellent time management. Able to work on a deadline

    While the number one qualification for this opening is a strong sense of design (aesthetics) along with strong web skills, we’re also looking for individuals with great critical thinking skills.

    We run shop like a consultancy, which means you need to know your stuff-and “their stuff” (whoever they may be).

    Work Environment:

    Your home.

    In your pajamas, if you like

    This is part time work. Could move, potentially, into full time in the future.

    If you can do it or know someone who would be interested, send ’em her way, wouldjya? Thanks! (I’d do it, but she says I’m way overqualified. heh.)

    Everybody hit the floor!


    Please? C’mon over! Floor Guy is on his way, after my morning of appointments and errands, now I’m sporting my home makeover apparel and I’m ready to get dirty and gross this afternoon! I will be so relieved to have it done.

    In other frustrations, I didn’t walk yesterday. After a long day of mindbending coding and getting the New Gallery Layout completed, I hit the showers and passed out cold. Can ya blame me? That’s a lotta thinkin’!

    This morning I thought I’d send out an announcement to all of my buyers/clients about the comment feature and new layout, so I spent a good 45 minutes gathering e-mail addresses only to LOSE them all when I tried to copy and paste them into the BCC to keep everyone’s info private. Gr! I had to take off for my appointment so I didn’t get a chance to redo it. I’m hoping to get that done yet today.

    Ok sorry no eye candy, you can look at the ice pics from yesterday though!

    New Gallery is Up and Running!


    Woah! It’s up!

    I have a *little* altering to do on my old layout pages to make them “match” and fix the links, but other than that, GO SEE!!!


    If you’ve purchased or commissioned a painting from me, I’ll take this opportunity to ask that you please browse through the main gallery for your painting(s), and click the “comment” section (below the painting description), and leave a comment on how you like your painting, and how I handled things with our transaction. I would really appreciate it!! GRAZIE!!

    Website Gallery Changes : In progress!


    Hey! Today’s uh, over. How did that happen? I got up, we went to the grocery store, I started mucking with this neat program and getting my gallery images ready to go!

    So I’d show you my progress on the new layout, but it’s really hush-hush right now. It’s a top-secret design that no-one anywhere has, I thought it up all by myself in the shower one day. No, I was driving. No, wait, I was feeding the dog. Yes, feeding the dog. Anyway I thought it up, and Lisa snaped it into position, and now I’m mucking! Fun!

    No, I did not paint today. I will not paint tomorrow. I will paint on Tuesday! The Floor Guy is scheduled for tomorrow, which means I’ll be peeling & sticking again. The guy is like Linus, I swear, a cloud of dirt around him wherever he goes. Yes, he’s a dirty conservative Tim McGraw lookalike. So?? Is that really such a bad thing???

    Alright sorry about that, I’ve missed you today, or I’m a little wound up from reading code. heh!

    Today’s Walk
    Time: 30.02 min
    Dist.: 1.68 mi.
    MPH: 3.4
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Finish Line
    March 5, 2005
    GOAL: 128 mi.
    Gone: 3.24 mi.
    To Go: 124.76 mi.

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