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  • Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
    and the soil and sky as canvas.
  • LiveJournal Syndication!


    I hope that worked! Thanks, Erikie!

    I think my Livejournal syndication can be found here:

    So for anyone still on LJ, you can add me there. The top of the entry will have the link to the post, and since most of my entries here have pics, you might wanna stop over here and see them. Also, if you want to post a reply, you might want to do that here, as I may not see the comments over there. I will try to get in there and check, but there’s no way for me to set it up to receive comments via e-mail. SoooOOO that being said, you still gotta come over here! LOL


    New Blog Layout!


    I redesigned the template this afternoon, and honestly I am not sure what happened to the comment feature! LOL It’s just changed, the new one is over there on the right on the bottom, see?

    Hopefully I can fix whatever bugs there might be with the old comment function. Now, those of you who couldn’t get the old one to work should be able to use this one ok, yea? I hope? (crossin’ my fingers!)


    Site updates, Prints, NEW Toronto Pics!


    Happy Tuesday (it is Tuesday, isn’t it?!)

    Just finished a few site updates:

    The Home page has a new transition including Toronto Swampy, Honey, Rocky and my Stargazer paintings.

    The Custom Cat Portraits gallery now includes both Rocky and Simba, original reference photos and final scanned images of the paintings.

    The Custom Dog Portraits gallery has also been updated to include Honey and Dom’s portraits, reference photos and all!

    I think that’s it for now… I still need to get the print gallery updated, I think I will do that in a bit, my eyes are going cross!

    UPDATE! one more thing! I just listed a buncha prints on eBay, Four new ones including two new LIMITED EDITION print auctions! Here’s a linkie to my auctions!

    ANOTHER UPDATE! ok two more things! LOL! My client sent photos of where Toronto will be placed! I am overwhelmed with excitement, this park looks gorgeous, absolutely the coziest spot ever for Toronto!

    Back to your regularly scheduled surfing…

    Fuschia Daisy Nearly Complete


    Hey there! I painted yesterday, layer upon layer on this daisy to make it FUSCHIA. I love fuschia. It’s my all time favorite color; my senior prom dress was even solid fuschia. :)

    So it’s turning out pretty cool I think, I love the stem, I painted the sides lastnight and just continued that dark midnight-cobalty blue around to the sides of it (it’s a 12×12 – 1 1/2″ thick gallery wrap). The only thing left to do is add the pollen! And of course that involves waiting for the layers to dry in the center so the pollen pops when I add it. I’m going to start this one on auction for a BUCK. Yep a dollar. It’s spring, and I have mucho faith in my fellow fuschia and flower lovers. It’ll probably be finished up later today and I may be able to get it listed tonight. How bout that!

    I took these fab pics the other day for Mark, and he hasn’t even been able to get online. Fooey. I changed my AOL IM so that when folks log on my puter says “Cock-a-doodle-doo!”, and I cranked up the volume lastnight and slept on the couch hoping to sleep light, which I did. (So yea Erikie, I heard ya! Stumbling back here all sleepy eyed and stuff..LOL) I am so anxious to talk to him now, ‘specially since I have stuff to show him! C’monnnnnnnn honey, log on! (you know, like rolling dice…hm, what can I roll….)

    I also re-invested my earnings lastnight on that cool new printer I mentioned, it’s an Epson Stylus CX5400 and sports a scanner, copier, AND waterproof and 70-year archival inkage! Woowee! That will arrive tomorrow and I will be hooked up to generate some wickedly cool and valuable prints like the Lolo and Care have going on. :)

    Walked 2.1 miles total yesterday (down .4 from Monday & Tuesday), but the coolest thing is that I got to walk with TWO of my buddies long distance! We coordinated Mountain Time with Central and Eastern and did a three-way-call-walk-a-mile-and-a-quarter! (only one of us is speedy gonzales and walked 2 miles. lol) So very cool to walk with friends. The weight is still melting away too, but I’m not gonna say my progress just yet! Thanks girls!!

    Time for me to scoot, I hope you guys have a fabulously fuschia daisy day!

    Aaah Sunshine!


    Got your sunglasses on? It’s going to be a beautiful day!!

    Ok so I took this pic a couple of weeks ago. But it’s still cool, eh? This is what I get to watch out of my dining room window if/when I get up before dawn. Knocks your eyes right out of their sockets. Yummy sunshine!

    It rained all day yesterday here, and the grass – trees – plants – everybody is happy about it! I missed green. Winter is so depressing to me! But yesterday, even with the rain, it was an outstanding day.

    I didn’t paint. I messed around all day with friends online.

    Part of my sluffing off around the house included taking some new photos for my hubby. I think that’s what put me in a fabulous mood! I knew that I’m losing weight, and that’s cool and all, but you know sometimes you don’t see it for yourself until you start comparing pics. Well that’s what I was doing, looking at pics I took a month ago compared to now, and woah! How motivating! I’m still down 25.5 lbs., wavering back & forth a pound or two, but still working away at it, and the results are totally visible to me now. The last two days have been great treadmill days too, I’ve gone 2.5 miles both Monday and Tuesday.

    What an exciting life I lead, huh?

    The results are in on the new printer. I’ve decided to go ahead and get the Epson all-in-one, which sports some super cool waterproof and 70-year archival inks! I’ll probably pick it up within the next week. Right now I’m refinancing the mortgage which is on a 5-year balloon coming due in June, so that’s a “right now gotta do it” thing. Then next week we’ll be car shopping. Well not so much shopping as trying to talk them down to my price, and getting the color and features I want without ending up with a lemon. (Wish me luck, I attract lemons with every large purchase! LOL)

    So there you go. (stop your yawning!) ;)



    Good Morning


    Hey! It’s a mini-me! Just wanted to say good morning, will update more later today! :D

    I’m back! Today was productive. YAY! I’m back on the treadmill, walked 1.5 mi. so far today, and I’ll get back on in a little while.

    Did some grocery shopping and stopped to pick up dinner for the kidlets, now we’re home and I’m just going to hang out for a bit and wonder what on earth I’m going to do with our finances for the next couple of weeks while I wait for the mortgage company to do their thing, and then I’ve got to shop for a new car too so we can have something more reliable to tool around in this summer.

    The coolest part of course is that I got to chat with Mark again this morning for a bit, it is so nice to “see” him online! I think this is really going to help make the time pass in a much more positive way. Since he is so motivating for me, I’ll be making sure I keep my blog updated every day and “stuff” (more art!) so when he stops by (hi honey!) he can see I’m not sitting around moping like I’m known to do when he’s not around. ;)

    I downloaded the COOLEST CD from this morning! The group is Maroon 5. If you like upbeat tunes, you have got to check out their music. Jay and I bopped around the house for a while today listening to it. I usually hear just one song (that’s the one that’s got us boppin’) and go looking for the CD to see if I like anything else they’ve got – and by george the whole CD is awesome! It’s great music for summer drives with the windows down, walking, whatever. GREAT great great stuff!!

    I also got a call from Aunt T. lastnight, she browsed the site for a while with my cousin and saw all of my new stuff. I love hearing from people who browse through everything! She reminded me that I’m not done with my own site yet, my figurative/portrait gallery still doesn’t have the enlargement windows. I gotta get that done!

    Website Work


    I worked on the site a bit lastnight, and am getting ready to dive in again today. Each gallery thumb is clickable to a larger image that requires its own graphic, and I need to create all of those graphics. I did change the link colors, darkened them a bit, hopefully you still know they’re links, yea?

    In other news, I am still plugging away on the diet, lost another pound for a total now of 16 since Jan. 29th or so, and took a couple of weeks off there for my visit with Mark and recoup time.

    There was a deer in my backyard yesterday! My yard is fenced in, suburbia you know, and I live along one of the main roads in my area. We do have some wooded areas and we have seen deer around, but I would never have expected one to jump my fence and hang out in my yard. LOL It was so exciting! I grabbed my camera and ran outside, but she was gone. A few moments later, she and her friend went galavanting down the easement behind our house and I was able to get a (blurred) picture of them.

    Better get to work! Have a blessed Sunday!

    Pit Stop


    Hi all!

    Thought I’d post the final scan of my Bernese Pup painting, it’s more accurate. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my site soon to include my newer pieces.

    In the next few weeks I would like to get a few things accomplished:
    1. Get a new dishwasher!
    2. Complete a couple of commissions.
    3. Finish the Macaw painting
    4. Paint that Squirrel!
    5. Start working in the yard.

    Yes, spring has nearly sprung, and I have so much yardwork to do without Mark around (I have allergies, and he usually does all that stuff). I have to till the backyard and lay the patio blocks we pulled up for the Studio construction, reseed or lay sod – my grass basically consists of creeping charlie. :( I also have leaves everywhere (still) and need to plant new lovelies in the front planter we created last spring. I think I may repaint that too, to match our theme of the year.

    Here’s the Bernie scan:

    I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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