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    A Week In Photos


    It’s been a couple of months since I carried my camera around with any kind of passion to take a photograph. Winter had me tightly in its grips – until last week. I wore open toed shoes to church (my piggies are aubergine, go figure!). I cleared away the dead and dried out iris from last fall to reveal tulips and new iris making their way up out of the earth. I felt excited again! So much so that I even took the cover off the grill and fired it up, we had grilled chicken for dinner that night.

    Aaah spring is coming.

    My camera is at the ready once again, I removed the screen from the front window yesterday for clear photos once I saw the “official” confirmation of Spring in my front yard:

    red breasted american robin spring bird' class=
    I’ve seen them around, yes, but I needed to see him in my front yard. He needed to be right there.

    More random and springy snaps in between dog naps below!

    red bellied woodpecker' class=
    Our resident red bellied woodpecker has begun making regular appearances
    on the suet block out back,
    chiapoo puppy with toys' class=
    While Copper collected all of his toys,
    and one of my furry flip flops,
    in and around his cozy little shoebox.

    bathroom makeover' class=
    I’m debating what to do with my bathroom, tile, paint, wallpaper?
    We’re still piecing it together…

    chiapoo puppy napping' class=
    While Copper takes a nap.

    old home rooftop palmer college' class=
    I admired the architecture of the buildings around Palmer College
    on the way home last weekend,

    st patricks day quaker parrot' class=
    Quintin joined in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities,
    donning a clover scrunchie,

    chickeymonkey piano recital
    And our sweet little Chickeymonkey
    smiled adorably at her piano recital…

    chiapoo puppy napping' class=
    While Copper took a nap.

    red bellied woodpecker' class=
    The red bellied woodpecker made yet another loud entrance
    (you can’t miss ’em when you hear ’em)…

    sewer toilet drain' class=
    And we figured out how to fix this mess and reinstall the toilet,

    chiapoo puppy napping' class=
    While Copper took a nap.

    As you can see, Copper sleeps through most everything, and I have entirely too much stuff to do. Any suggestions on the bathroom remodel are MORE than welcome. My dear sweet hubby can tell you how many times I’ve changed my mind about what to do, since I’ve lost count. I was going to install ceramic tile last weekend until the floor decided to be WAY too unlevel (we live on a slab) to even out without a professional and a load of concrete – and I ended up at Lowe’s 5 minutes before closing time for peel & stick flooring.

    I cannot tell you how I yearn for a custom built home. Maybe next year, eh?

    Or the year after that… or the year after that…

    The Results are IN.


    I am now an official iStock photographer.

    the iStockphoto administrators have determined that your images are commercially and technically ready for

    I’ll take it!!
    (Will start uploading to my iStock portfolio this week, and link you when I do!)

    Awesome WordPress plugin of the day: WP Easy Admin. This presents a fixed menu at the top of the blog when you’re logged in (admin only) so you can access any item in the dashboard right from your blog. WooT!

    Pending Approval.


    Welp folks, I did it – I submitted some of my photography to iStock for consideration. If approved, my photography will be available for use through iStock, and maybe I’ll see it floating around in print or used in blog designs. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”

    (…at least I hope so! Cross something! Quick!)

    Flowers in the Middle of Winter


    yellow Asiatic lilies lily bouquet

    There’s nothing better than blooming flowers in the middle of January. I am so grateful for the people in my life who make sure that my winters are saturated with the colors and smells of summer! I received two bouquets of gorgeous flowers for my birthday that have opened up and done really well (considering they’re cut) and also, I’ve been waiting since just before Christmas for this gigantic Amaryllis to bloom that Lisa sent (and I promised pics once they opened!) – they’re SO big and full and just beautiful.


    I had a dream just last night – in it, a hummingbird came right up to my face and snuggled my cheek. pffft. That’s how much I miss warm weather! Even Chickeymonkey told me about a dream she had the other night, my office was filled with pink, white and purple roses and tulips. There were “flowers EVERYwhere!” she said. I LOVE HER. Aaah. It’s just a few months away, right? All the bulbs I planted last fall combined with everything I planted the year before, the hummingbirds and I will be loving our daily breaks in the backyard!


    Moms – Lock Up Your Daughters


    Photography by Leanne Wildermuth' class=

    I had some fun with my camera lastnight – what started out as a “Kids Christmas Card” photo session wound up as “The Two Oldest Kids Pose As Fashion Models” photo session. My daughter contently watched me over my shoulder as I proofed the shots lastnight, too.

    Let me tell you, if you’re looking to hook up your daughter with her soon to be husband? This one is taken. Heh. That’s all I am going to can say about that. :muted:

    Keep on reading to see more of my (personal favorite) shots from this session!

    Keep reading »

    A Thousand Words


    christmas photography sisterly love hug photo Leanne Wildermuth 2007' class=

    Coming Back Around


    Because sometimes, I can’t help but be inspired by others who have been inspired by me.

    That just tickles me… pink.

    (and I’m absolutely grateful for the integrity of the designers who sought my permission to use my photo. Thank you so much, 24/7.)

    Orange on Orange


    monarch butterfly sitting on orange zinnia flower' class=

    I posted this in my photoblog so you can clicky to see this a little bit larger (as intended). I didn’t want you to miss this one, in case you’re not a subscriber to my photoblog (ahem), so I’m doubling up the postage.

    I only snapped three photos of this guy before he flew off yesterday afternoon – the first two were total blurs. This one? I am happy with. To say the least. Enjoy!

    A Thousand Hummies


    Well, it certainly seems like there are a thousand hummingbirds in our yard now. Not that I’m complaining – of course, I only bought every available hummingbird attracting plant and feeder on the planet. My eyes shouldn’t pop right out of my head and hit the window then when I see 7 of them dueling with their sweet nectar sucking little swords out my front window.

    Talk about entertainment – my only problem now is that I don’t have the time to sit and watch them all day! They’re hard to count, since two to three of them group up and zoom past the window, up into the tree or over the house to the backyard feeder like miniature stealth bombers. Thankfully they haven’t exceeded the number of fingers on my hands yet, I don’t think I’m that fast with a calculator.

    This particular female ruby throated hummingbird is easy peasy to photograph. She’s not afraid of the spectators (and our noses) pressed up against the window to watch their shiny (and tiny) intricate little selves drink up and zip away.

    I did add another feeder to the front yard yesterday morning since they were trying to triple up on one feeder but didn’t seem to be getting along well enough for that. Now they’re doubling up on both feeders. It’s just craziness, I tell you. One of these days, I’ll have a photo of one of them sitting on my head or something. heh!

    :gets back to work:

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