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    Hiya folks!

    Hm I am absent far too much lately. I had some chaotic days Friday and Saturday, and after the chaos continued the home improvement projects.

    First, it looked like this.

    A little while ago, it looked like this!

    Now, it looks like this!

    Back to work!

    Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend!!!!!


    p.s. Erikie dared me to post this pic for you to see! Ok, I have a fetish, and it is belly buttons. I know I know, wierd. But they are symbolic to me, very cool and cute. I look at my girls’ buttons and think about how much I love that they were connected to me for 9 months through that cute little “scar”. So mom, this one is for you, too! (Humming the tune “Memories” for you)

    So anyhoo, it’s not obscene or anything, and I will probably paint it! Just as soon as I get this daggone room done! LOL!

    What am I, nuts?


    I have to be nuts!

    First I have to show you this, This is the closest you’ve probably ever thought you’d see a bug like this. hehe, I had to do it. Don’t be scared, we think they’re really cool, and I bet Mark will give it a big old “cooooool” too!

    I started out the morning with the intention of painting this, prepped the canvas and everything (12×16 in case you’re wondering). Somehow things changed though, when I returned the call to Carpetland and they said they’d be here on the 15th to tear out my old carpet in the living room. Installation then is scheduled for the 19th. Well I got to thinkin’, umm… I have to move all the furniture out of the room, and keep it out of the room for 4 days. Ummmmm….. ok.

    I sat down with Caitlin and asked her what she thought the best plan would be for us for the day. Me to paint in the studio all day, or both of us clearing out their playroom (wall to wall TOYS, TOYS and more TOYS!). She opted for clearing out the room! Eek!

    Next step, call the cable company and get another cable outlet hooked up on the back wall where the TV will go. I planned on turning the playroom back into the family room/toy storage/play area anyway, this just pushed things along, as usual! The cable guy will be out tomorrow between 2-5. Ummm…..ok. He couldn’t even REACH where I wanted the new cable to go, so then it was really one of those “I have no choice” programs. Now this wall of closet space will become a wall of base cabinets with countertop, and the TV will sit on the counter there. My brother-in-law is going to come out to tell me if the interior closet walls can be torn down ok (don’t want that ceiling caving in on me while I stand there with a sledgehammer saying “oops”!), meanwhile we have nearly the entire contents of the playroom in the garage.

    I did start the wall treatment today too, and will finish that up tomorrow. No rush, right? LOL!

    And I have to show you this, my beloved piano, because Erikie asked to see it. Yes I can play! I’m no expert pianist though! I will have to show you my viola some day too.

    So who wants to help me move my piano tomorrow?

    Oh yes, a shameless self-promoting plug if there ever was one… I am FULLY STOCKED WITH CANVAS! Many many assorted sizes, down to itty bitty totally cute 4×4’s!! I am going to be painting up a storm, so if you ever wanted one of my paintings, I’ll have a great assortment of sizes, which means a great assortment of prices. If there’s something in particular you wanted to have please please please now (right here, click the little linkie that says to ‘leave feedback’ or ‘chat with me’, or you can just e-mail me), ’cause once I get going you might not see your request for a couple of months.

    YAHOO! Got all that out. Now OFF TO WORK I GO! Again! I love being busy!


    many xoxoxoxoxoxo’s to you all!

    p.s. danke’ Erikie for the cool “me”! :)*

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