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  • Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
    and the soil and sky as canvas.
  • My Home, My Garden.

    Wild Turkeys. Seriously.


    wild turkeys drinking turkey photo leanne wildermuth
    We’re not exactly city folk here, but not entirely country, either – so it’s not often you see a sight like this!

    Two turkeys sipped water from the tray of the flower pot this morning as we drove by after dropping (sniff) the girls (sniff) off (sniff sniff) to go to church camp (sniffle, sob, sniff).

    My hubby (Happy Anniversary, Hubby!) spotted them and thankfully they really didn’t care about having a car pull up beside them. They were busy getting a drinky drink. I thought you might like to see a little more detail, since they’re all wild and stuff – here you go:

    wild turkey close up photo leanne wildermuth
    Isn’t his feathering just beauuutiful? I want to print this photo and have cans of paint made to match his feathers.

    It’s odd though, I’m guessing if you’re not familiar with wild turkeys you kind of have this preconceived notion of how they look based on all those “Tom the Turkey” images from childhood. I know I do – so when I see them I’m always thinking they must not be for eatin’, ’cause turkeys meant for eatin’ look like this:

    Photo: Miss Ima Turkey Goodie Can (linked to source)
    Hm. Part of me thinks I should adjust this perception, and the other part of me thinks “nah, those wild turkeys probably taste all gamey.”

    Hummingbird Wannabe


    house wren on hummingbird feeder
    house wren on hummingbird feeder photo leanne wildermuth

    house wren on hummingbird feeder photo leanne wildermuth

    I walked into my living room to put my camera into Standard Hummingbird Photo Op Positioning when lo and behold, there was a stranger on their feeder. Good timing, I thought.

    This cute little House Wren hopped around, posing for me in several positions. I wondered why he was there. Did he just enjoy the reflection in the window? Did he really think he was going to get nectar? Or maybe it was just a convenient and safe place to land while he’s still a little wobbly on the wings.

    Who knows – I’m just grateful for the timing. It’s certainly not often you see something other than Hummingbirds – and ants – on a Hummingbird feeder.

    Three Hummies and a Pair of Nuts.


    I live for creative post titles.

    where\'s waldo hummingbird perched photo leanne wildermuth
    You know you’re a birdwatcher when….
    You can spot the bird in this photo in 3 seconds or less.

    hummingbird hover photo leanne wildermuth
    ssh. Don’t move.

    hummingbird hover photo leanne wildermuth
    If you hold really still and be quiet,
    you can watch the hummingbirds as they perch and drink.

    nuthatches photo leanne wildermuth
    And in between Hummy visits, this Nuthatch duo will delight and entertain with their upside-down tree climby antics.

    A Day at the Zoo


    lissing lory rainbow lorikeet photo leanne wildermuth
    Kissing Lorikeets. Awww.

    giraffe splits photo leanne wildermuth
    As we came upon the Giraffes, this guy was, well, trying to do the splits.

    giraffe close up photo leanne wildermuth
    And then he asks “does my butt look big in this enclosure?”

    harris hawk bird photo leanne wildermuth
    A gorgeous Harris Hawk (I think he’s got Red Tail envy.)

    red tailed hawks male female photo leanne wildermuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Red Tailed Hawk – don’t they make a stunning pair?

    How Great Thou Art


    illinois storm high wind tree blowing photo leanne wildermuth
    illinois storm high wind tree blowing photo leanne wildermuth

    illinois storm high wind tree blowing photo leanne wildermuth

    illinois storm high wind tree blowing photo leanne wildermuth

    illinois storm high wind tree blowing photo leanne wildermuth

    The storms that passed through lastnight were remnants of what hit Kansas. Still, they packed a punch and brought my girls to huddled piles of blankets. I watched out the window as the winds took control, saw the clouds as they swirled to form tornadoes that touched down in farms miles away. I stood in awe, humming this song as I watched, thinking that as terrifying as it is, it is equally beautiful and wondrous to watch.

    I held my camera to the window, pointed it at the top of the tree in our front yard, and snapped in burst mode (they’re about 2 seconds long each). I opened them up this morning and was in awe all over again. The whole series is about 10 seconds worth of our tree blowing – it clearly shows the power of the storm. The movement is captivating to me – slightly blurry, but crisp where they need to be.

    The hail came after the wind – quarter sized, but it didn’t do much damage that we could see.

    I stayed with the girls as another storm moved in and counted “one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand” with each flash of lightening, and fell asleep when the storm was about twelve-one-thousands away.

    I Wish I Were a Tiny Person.


    dragonfly macro leanne wildermuth

    If I were tiny, I could climb on his back and ask him to fly me around the backyard. He just looks like he’s got a nice comfy little seat there for someone to ride on. In fact, I could probably bring a friend. Who wants to be tiny with me?

    dragonfly macro leanne wildermuth

    It looks like a comfortable spot, doesn’t it? Please say you’ll go.

    Send Me Your Empty Vases.


    white pink peony peonies bouquet
    Over the years, my loving husband has sent flowers on several occasions (not all of them requiring forgiveness, either, in case you’re wondering). This has left me, fortunately, with many, many vases in storage.

    Did I ever tell you about how long it’s taken me to grow Peonies? Yes? Well if you don’t know the story, you can read it here. Now I’m so excited to have them, I cut them as soon as they’re ready and keep bouquets all over my house. This year, I have more Peonies than I have vases. It must be because I cut every one of them last year, I’m guessing, and all that flower power went back down into the roots of the plants.

    I have three bouquets in my house, and cut two and gave them to a couple of special neighbors (and by special I mean polite). That’s five bouquets so far, and I’ll be cutting another bunch today.

    If you want to relocate, there are a couple of homes for sale down the street.

    From My Yard to Your Eyeballs. With Love.


    purple tulips flower photo leanne wildermuth
    These Queen of the Night tulips are more purple than I expected (I expected them to be really dark) but tulips are tulips, and I still love them.
    allium macro flower photo leanne wildermuth
    Allium is such an interesting flower. Big tall stalks with a purple ball on the top.
    Do I like purple? Why yes, yes I do.

    garden baby broccoli leanne wildermuth
    I’m so easily amused. I’ve never seen baby broccoli before. You?

    crazy big twister grass photo leanne wildermuth
    I love me some crazy grass. This is called “Big Twister”.
    It makes me want to twirl my long hair around my fingers.

    knockout rose bouquet flowers leanne wildermuth
    My sister sent me flowers on my birthday. They came in a square vase.
    I’ve been wondering how to put that vase to good use.
    I loaded it with roses from my Knockout Rose bushes and set it on a white table.

    knockout rose bushes leanne wildermuth
    If you love roses, get a few Knockout Rose bushes.
    There are only three bushes here, and dozens of roses in bloom at a time.



    giant red poppies

    giant red poppies

    Poppies are bursting in my garden, they’re as big as a softball. Chickeymonkey said “it looks like there’s a piece of gum inside.” but they’re so bright red, my camera gets completely confused about what to focus on when I try to get a pic of that “gum”.

    Several more photos of random nature-y goodness coming up over the next few days while I’m painting (on cam) in the studio. Enjoy!

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