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  • Stroke My Ego


    Did you know? Every once in a while (ahem. shut. up.), every artist needs to have their ego stroked! Yes, it’s true!

    Today, it’s my turn. If you don’t mind, let’s play a game of “pretend”!

    First, you either know or don’t know the history of Johannes Vermeer. If you don’t, let’s pretend you do! If you do, wonderful!

    Since we’re talking about Vermeer, let’s talk about his painting, The Girl With A Pearl Earring. A captivating girl, and my favorite painting of all time. Obviously, because not long ago (well, it doesn’t seem so long), I painted a tribute to Vermeer’s painting.

    Now, let’s pretend you love it to pieces! Pretend you’re captivated, you’re standing in an auction house and this (my version, heh) just came up on the auction block. The auctioneer is going over my palette, only 2 colors off from the Master’s, he’s saying how famous I am and how well known. (haha! We’re pretending! It’s okay!)

    Now pretend you really have to have this painting. And pretend your checkbook doesn’t mind how much you wanted this painting, because your checkbook agrees! HAVE the painting, it screams! Go for it!

    The most important part of this game, pretending my comment box is you raising your hand and placing your bid!

    How fun is this! You can bid, but it’s not for real, but pretend it is! Which means in real life there are no kadjillion dollar amounts.

    So, bidding starts at ONE DOLLAR (and is not for real so if everyone says one dollar, cripes, NO you can’t have it!)

    Ready, set…




    I am absolutely, positively THRILLED to have thought-up, designed and launched Pounds2Go.NET – my new weight loss blog! I would be honored and tickled and very giggly if you would head on over there, check out the design (patting myself on the back – I rawked in the graphic design studio here, even photographing my very own scale for reference!), check out the purpose, and JOIN ME!

    C’monnnn… everybody has a few Pounds2Go, right? Yeah. You know it.

    I’ve got some tweaking to do, some plug-ins to add, some bells and whistles and things – but for right now, the first of the year, it’s time to launch!

    If you would like to inquire about a custom illustration, blog or website design, please place your inquiry/order through E.Webscapes. Thank you!

    Rate My Life Meme


    Dangit, I think Texas_Ivy did this? Was that you? Ah I found it when I was bloghopping. My memory stinks. It’s an interesting meme all the same, but I’m putting it behind the cut cause it’s so big.


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    I finally caved and painted on this artpad, it’s like a movie. It helps to have a wacom tablet!

    Watch and see what I painted!

    UPDATE : Second round – I added fur. I couldn’t help it. Sorry. You can see the whole painting here. You might want to increase the speed!

    Finding Nemo Cereal


    They still had it! I picked up another box tonight JUST so I could keep it. I searched all over the internet for an image of Finding Nemo Cereal with Bruce on it – it does NOT EXIST. Well. It does now! Isn’t it wicked? I am in love with Pixar. What incredible graphics!

    Hey! Maybe this time we’ll win the sleepover in the Castle! Yeah! Hahaha! I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    Wobbling Weebols, Batman!


    Not too long ago, we were all wandering aimlessly down the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Oh how I wish there were just 10 kinds to choose from, but that’s a rant for another day. Scanning over the five-thousand selections of cereals, one caught my eye. Usually, the ones that catch my eye are on the tippity top, you know, really far out of reach for normal people. That’s where the healthy stuff is.

    Not this one.

    This box was right at Chickeymonkey’s height, about 3 feet, second row up. I saw it and looked away quickly, frosted marshmallows in milk! IEW! Oh but the box is SO DANG CUTE. I wanted the box. Really. But for $4 a box? I’ll pass.

    Just then, however, Chick saw the box. Immediately she pointed at it, looked up at Daddy and asked for “those! I want those!” Daddy said no, knowing how I like the kids to have cereal sans frosted marshmallows. But no, I had to pipe up “but Daaaaaddyyyyy, I want those toooooooo”! And with that, he threw a box in the cart. There. Me, and mini-me, we’re happy campers. We are now the proud new owners of Finding Nemo Cereal. WOOHOO!

    I had to hold the box. I admired the beautiful graphics and flipped the box over. A contest! Yeah. Win a sleepover in the Disney Castle. Uh huh. I wish. Whatever. Here’s some wobblers, too, oh how cool. Only 1000 sets? Okay. Yeah. Well, it’s a nice box!

    We added the box to our collection of cereals (seriously, how many do you have to choose from? We have like 5 boxes at all times. LOL) – the next morning of course we HAD TO HAVE THOSE FOR BREAKFAST, MOMMY!

    Fine. I opened the box. Poured the cereal. Double checked to be sure we were instant losers of both fantabulous prizes, and wouldn’t you know it?

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    And The Winners Are…


    “Jack Skellington” from
    Tim Burton’s animated classic, “A Nightmare Before Chistmas”.
    by Beteljooz

    “Darla the Punch-Drunk Pumpkin”
    by MommaK @ Petroville

    Clickity click for the final tally, it was a great contest! Thanks everyone for playing!!

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    Pumpkin Polls


    Today is THE DAY. (Happy Halloween!)

    In my left sidebar there are two polls. The yellow one is for the top section of pumpkin entries, and the orange one is for the Late Carvers. Please, view the pumpkins and have a vote! You can vote once in each poll. Sorry about any stupid popups, it comes with the polls (and will leave with the polls, too!)

    Pass it on!

    * * * UPDATE * * *
    It’s 2:27PM CST here, just a couple of hours left to vote for your favorite pumpkin carvings! Polls close at 5PM CST!

    Last Minute Carvers!


    Click on the banner and scroll down to see the new Last Minute Carvers Association Entries. There will be a separate poll that will open on Halloween (hopefully around 6AM CST) and close at 5PM CST.

    Remember, this is all just for fun! These are all really cool pumpkins, add yours to the bunch!

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