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    Your Birthdate: January 15
    With a birthday on the 15th of any month, you are apt to have really strong attachments to home, family and domestic scene.

    The 1 and 5 equaling 6, provide the sort of energy that makes you an excellent parent or teacher.

    You are very responsible and capable.

    This is an attractive and an attracting influence.

    You like harmony in your environment and strive to maintain it.

    You tend to learn by observation rather than study and research.

    You may like to cook, but you probably don't follow recipes.

    This number shows artistic leanings and would certainly support an talents that may be otherwise in your makeup.

    You're a very generous and giving person, but perhaps a bit stubborn in ways.

    Snagged from Pamibe!

    Dr. Demento!


    I was up at 6’ish this morning, thinking I was going to have a productive couple of hours before the girls got up. Boy was I right! (Only it wasn’t the same productivity I thought it was going to be..hehe!)

    Just a few minutes after I got my coffee, I started chatting with a friend and she was telling me about an event in her life that somehow brought to mind a song from the past, and I wonder if you remember The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun? Well just in case my typing that has you singing even just a little bit, here are the lyrics – because I know you don’t remember the lyrics! And the CD, with other twisted tunes from the past? Well it’s at WalMart, of course, and I’ll be ordering it and humming Fish Heads for a while too. Oh and maybe by the end of the day, they’ll be Coming To Take Me Away..Ha-Haaa!

    Thanks a lot, Lisa!!! :lol:

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    Insightful Linguist


    Catching up over at Loose Leaf, Colleen posted a link to an IQ test. I took it. Hehe!

    I did need a small piece of paper to scribble on, and I’m not sure if that means I’m not as smart as it says I am, but through most of it I found myself seeing the questions in my head and resolving them on my little built-in brain chalkboard. That was interesting, because I tend to consider myself far less than intelligent most often. I am not worldly by any means, and I have a lazy brain! For example, when I see something online through bloghopping or otherwise that looks long and “deep”? I ask myself this: do I really feel like concentrating right now? If the answer is no, I put it off. I’m bad.

    Leanne, your IQ score is 127.

    You have a wide range of exceptional skills which are much stronger than those of the average population. You are also skilled at answering the types of questions that are asked in a classic IQ test. The test analyses your strengths and weaknesses based on your mathematical, linguistic, visual-spatial and logical skills. Even though you have high scores in all of those areas, we are able to analyse your results to discover the areas in which you have the strongest abilities.

    You are gifted with the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind.

    Insightful linguists can take complex concepts and articulate them to just about anyone. You have a gift with words and insight into processes and the way people think. These talents enable you to explain things clearly to people. Helen Keller is a great example of an Insightful Linguist. Blind, deaf and mute, she was still able to put things together in her mind and to understand complex ideas. She could do that because she was able to conceptualise ideas internally. Though she could not literally see, she had the visual and spatial skills necessary to understand patterns on an abstract level. She learned to read, write and ultimately became a writer on issues of social justice.

    Really, I’m flattered that it gives me this much credit! I am! I just don’t think that IQ tests can accurately measure actual application of aforementioned knowledge. I do still find it interesting, and the only reason I’m posting this really is (not to brag at all! I swear!) to hang onto it for future reference when I’m feeling less than intelligent. What can I say? I already know I’m creative!

    A Must Read


    If you don’t read Mir, you should. Go on and read her little chat with God. And be sure to put your coffee/drink/spillable items off to the side for a few minutes!

    Top Keywords – June


    Just for fun, I thought I’d go over with you some of the things people (you?) look for when you land here. For the month of June, these are my most interesting keyword searches:

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    It’s Her Fault


    Today I’ll blame my miserable train wreck of a dream on my friend Lisa, who has recently had sibling issues. Those issues spurred a conversation that reached back to high school days, which as you know is a woman’s most favorite thing to do; reach back into her mind and pull something out of there and give it mouth to mouth until it’s revived and walking, even though it is the living dead.

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    Me & Toby


    So lastnight I was helping someone lay a ceramic tile floor in their house. I don’t even know whose house it was but it didn’t really matter much once Toby Keith & his band showed up and started a fun little jam session. There weren’t many people there, but word got around fast that Toby was there so the room filled up pretty quickly, as you can imagine.

    After they played a couple of songs, people started clearing out and those of us there working on the house stuck around to get back to work. I was finishing up cutting some tiles to go around the edges and doorways when Toby came over and we started yackin’. He decided that he was going to finish up those edges so we went around and measured the cuts and got the tiles ready.

    He was standing in the dining room and I started asking him questions, like “you’ve got two little girls, right?” and he said “yeah” with a silly grin on his face, such a proud daddy. Then I asked if he’s been married for 5 years? He shook his head and I held up my fingers to six, then seven and he nodded. (I have no idea how accurate this information is!) I asked how often he gets to see his girls, and we chatted about him being on the road and not seeing them as much as he’d like to. He was such a nice guy! We really hit it off and became fast buddies, he put his arm around me and we sat down and just talked about all kinds of stuff.

    Of course me, I’m singing to myself: “I’m not talkin bout knocking out heaven with whether we’re wrong or we’re right. I’m not talkin bout hooking up and hanging out. I’m just talkin bout tonight.” Which, if you’re unfamiliar with Toby, is one of his songs.

    Well? If you’re going to make acquaintance with Toby Keith, a Country Hottie with a voice second in seductiveness only to Tim McGraw, why not flirt a little??

    Yes, Tim and I have hung out on several occasions too, mostly at rodeo’s for some reason, where he tries to come on to me with Faith standing right behind us. In all honestly I lost a little respect for him when he was doin’ that right in front of her. Really, Tim. I’m cute and all that, but you really shouldn’t be trying to kiss me in front of your wife. (I smacked him, like any honest girl would.)

    I woke up this morning, still humming Toby’s tune in my head. Strange how vivid my dreams are sometimes. I didn’t realized I liked him so much!

    Silly stuff.


    I’m stumbling. Yep, I’m horsing around today. It’s cold, dreary, I re-seeded the areas that washed away, and now I’m sitting here freezing my fingers off, continually clicking stumble. You should try it, it’s fun to do when you just want to pass time seeing stuff you’ve never seen before! (

    Virtual Stan.

    Miniature Golf.

    Have a Kitten break.

    The Polyphonic Spree.

    You are driven and excited about new things and like to get stuff done (or at least mostly complete). You're not afraid of bigger, more challenging tasks because you know that the worst thing that could happen still isn't really all that bad. You probably have lots of hobbies already, but trying something new can be fun anyway.

    Our Potentially Ridiculous Hobby Suggestion For You:
    Don't rest until you can identify every kind of bird! This skill is not useful at all, but people do it so it must be interesting.

    Your scores:

    Motivated 26.85
    Resourceful 24.45
    Creative 23.36
    Serious 19.5
    Focused 18.34




    Here’s my good buddy Erikie donning her new Ears, one of several fun gifties I finally got out in the mail this week. Thanks for showing them off, Erikie!!

    Sorry it took me so long to get everything to the post office!

    I hope you guys enjoy your goodies, and I have to apologize too for running out of cashola to buy stuff for everyone! I still love ya, I really do!!


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