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  • Feelin’ the Bloggy Love


    My goodness I’m feeling kinda famous today. A few of my favoritest bloggers have really sweet things to say about me, my hubby comin’ home and my work. If you like reading blogs, go stop over & say hi!!

    First we have Tony, a great and super-smart Christian blogger over at I Am Always Right. He’s been watching the countdown and has been prayerfully supporting our family in Mark’s absence. (P.S. Tony? That post number is freakin’ me out! Eek!)

    Then we have Lisa, who’s Just A Girl. I’m painting Thor & Oz (the macaws) for her and her man. She doesn’t live too far from us, so she’s going to pick up her painting and we’re going to go out to dinner and chat it up for a bit! That will be my first and last night out “kidless” in over a year! I can’t wait! Obviously, if you read the comments section of that entry, we had some girlie giggles. You’ve been warned; if you blush easily, don’t read the comments. :P

    Last but not least is Luke & Ella’s Aunt Beth, she’s got this whole Vast Right Wing Conspiracy thing going on, really pretty smart for an Alabammy chick. ;) She really enjoys bloggin’ so stop in, she’s always thinkin’ over there, and very generously linkin’ me and other bloggy-finds like a madwoman, I am so flattered to be among them!

    Fry-Eye-Day (late)


    Lolo had her eye up Friday for all to see, so I’m partaking (late) in the Fry-eye-day eye sharing. Granted, I’ve had just a few hours of sleep, and I rarely wear makeup, I’m going to hide my eye so I don’t freak the he** out of everyone who opens my blog. Lolo’s eye color is a lot like mine. I notice my speckles change with my mood, sometimes they’re more gold, sometimes more green, and sometimes (like I told Lo), just schmidt brown. (Guess what kind of mood that is for me?)

    I’ll do this again when my new camera arrives, and I’ll get some sleep and color them purdyful, too!


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    This Many Eggs are Left


    Hey! Good morning!

    Today I have supernatural powers. I called my buddy and she was getting ready to leave so that we could go walking (I treadmill and we chat and walk together, the buddy system!), here’s how that conversation went:

    Buddy: I’m getting ready! Putting my shoes on! You ready?
    Me: No! I don’ wanna do it! Noooo!!!
    Buddy: Yes you do! Go get ready! It’s beautiful here, sun is shining, I’m leaving in 10 minutes!
    Me: But, but, but… I have a headache!
    Buddy: So what! Go get your shoes on!
    Me: Oh alright. Fine. Putting my shoes on.
    Buddy: What the?! I just looked outside, it’s POURING rain & the wind is blowin my trees so hard they’re
    almost touching the ground!
    Me: No way! It’s sunny! (muaahahahaa)
    Me: You better hang up the phone, you’re going to lose power!
    Buddy: No, I still have power!
    Me: Not for long… (muaahahaaa)
    Buddy: Static, crackle
    Me: Go get your cell!
    Buddy: Ok! Click.

    Incoming call from cell:

    Buddy: The power is out!
    Me: I know! (muaaahahahaa)
    Buddy: Static, crackle
    Me: Your cell tower is going to go out now, too! (muaaahahhaa)
    Buddy: Lost signal.

    Incoming call from cell:

    Me: I told you!
    Buddy: Static, crackle
    Me: Call me when it’s over!
    Buddy: crackly “OK!”


    See? I really didn’t wanna walk. You can’t make me.

    In other news, I added a Chatbox under the “Have Fun!” menu on the right. So if ya don’t wanna reply to an entry, or if you’re just stopping in for the first time, say HEY over there wouldja? It’s a fun thing! No e-mail addy required!

    Caitlin thought up today’s Holy Crap Calendar™ display. I’m not even sure how accurate it is now, so bah, I may either count up or skip down. It’s not a matter of not knowing how to count (I do have a calkeelater), it’s a matter of being in the Military. (No, I don’t think my supernatural powers will work on the military. bummer.)

    Naked people can spell! (Thanks Erikie!)
    Smart Kid!!!!
    Don’t touch the rabbit!

    The Dog (Link)


    You have to see this.. it’s a cute lil doggie! (run your mouse over him!)

    The Holy Crap Calendar!


    I’ve just created what I will excitedly and lovingly refer to from here on out as my Holy Crap Calendar™.

    The HCC™ can be found on my Artsy Skin (the default blog design) top center, and will be a daily indicator of the current (known) days remaining before our Holy Crap Reality Reunion™. You can also find out how I’m doing by taking a quick glance at my Holy Crap Level Indicator™.

    Be advised that known days remaining are based on current information obtained by multiple sources, none of which are 100% reliable. Only the plane (and its pilots) will really know what’s going on.

    New Toy!!!


    My good friend Erikie posted a clip of her beauty-full self in her blog the other day, and I instantly suffered from webcam envy. Her webcam is crystal clear, OH so detailed, and I WANT THAT WEBCAM!

    So being the ostentatious (and cheap) kinda gal that I am, I bought it. And they shipped it the very next day. FedEx. And it’s “out for delivery”!!! YAHOO! Now I’m not sure what time it will arrive, but you can bet your bootie that as soon as it arrives I will be giddy and drunk with excitement as I rip open the package and install it in my studio!

    If you’ve ever watched me painting on webcam, just you wait. My current cam is blurry and blechy and if I had only known that better cam could be had, I would have been all over it.

    I’m good enough, I’m pretty enough, and daggone it, people want to watch me paint!

    Tsunami Dream


    Of the few occasions my hubby wishes me good rest (since I hab a code), I knew I was bound for wicked dreams (told ya).

    Imagine waking up in the morning to your three-year-old saying “look mommy, a big wave!” and pointing out the window. Yes that’s what my dream was lastnight, trying to drive north, away from the wave that kept coming nearer and nearer to our home. I even stopped and asked for directions! Aren’t you proud of me? Ok well don’t be, because I forgot Cocoa, and hoped quietly that her cage would float, since if I had hoped it outloud, I would have been promptly instructed to turn around and drive into the wave to save her.

    Other wierd stuff happened, you know, like finding the guy responsible for this big wave and being really mad at him. Only in my dream, it wasn’t God, it was some nerdy scientific guy who was being instructed by this mobster italian gang of Godfather’s.

    See? Now don’t you wish you got to sleep in my head for a night? I feel so rested! (not!)

    Wowzers! Look at my schedule!


    I’m in a jaw-droppin’, how-the-hell-did-that-happen kind of state at the moment. I’m booked through Mark’s arrival now. Woah.

    You guys are awesome.

    (this is down in the left hand column under Current Schedule)

    Now the pressure is on… I will paint until I can paint no more. You will look at me and see multitude of colors pouring out from my ears. When you stop by my studio you will find me underneath a sea of empty tubes of Winsor & Newton Oil Colours, feverishly applying hair to whatever sweet little creature I have on canvas.


    My dream come true!

    (Any other takers? c’monnn…. I want to BLEED pure pigment…bring it ON!)

    Today I shall work on The Supreme’s. They will have nose jobs, eye-enhancements and ear-tucks. I will apply hair-plugs and give them chunky white streaks in pre-determined locations. They will each be their own “Swan”, and then later we can have a little pageant! Doesn’t that sound fun? (Am I losing it? You be the judge.)

    I’ll flip the switch on the cam in a little while, the Mister is around somewhere and wanted to chat a bit this morning. Check back under “Studio Webcam – OFF” and if it says “Studio Webcam – ON“, c’mon in!

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