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  • Don't forget to stop and smell the Roses.
  • Oh Yea. Antoinette is Finished.


    After the last brushstroke I felt it, that moment hit like it did when I finished my Anniversary Rose painting.

    Then I stood up, put my brush down, stepped back and honest to God started to cry. I love this piece, even I am overwhelmed by it. It’s insanely amazing and rich and my jaw is still hanging open and I’m in the other room.

    This is one of those paintings where I say outloud “Thank you, God, for this incredible, incredible gift.” I’ve often felt like the Holy Spirit paints through me, and this one – well. You have to see it. I wish you could all see it in person. By the way, this painting sold after I posted the second work in progress pic back in December. Thank you to my client, who stops in from time to time, you will absolutely love this piece. Buy the track lighting. :)

    It’s about 1AM, wet paint, glare, my eyes are burning. I will get better pics for you in daylight tomorrow.

    UPDATE: Here’s a daylight (it’s cloudy and rainy here today, of course.) pic of this gorgeous viola. Wanna play it? I just painted the sides this morning, so I hung it on the top of my floor easel for it to dry. You can see that this ain’t no teenie piece, it’s 18×24, and chunky gallerywrap canvas to boot. You can kinda see my chair in the background and I left everything where it was so you can get an idea on size. When it’s dry and varnished, I’ll wire it and hang it on the wall and get more pics. I’ll also scan it, and you know how different the scans are from my digital pics! I’m still jittery (in an overly-excited and proud kinda way) over this one.

    Christmas Paintings


    I just received this pic from Lisa, this is her man, Chris, standing beside Talis & Meowface (who arrived in perfect timing on Christmas Eve, thank you USPS!).

    Chris, Talis & Meowface

    Thanks, Chris, for allowing me to share! Your painting looks fab against the brick!

    I’ve got a few portraits out there that were given as Christmas gifts, anyone have photos to share of their recipients with their paintings? I would love to put them up here for everyone to see (or just see them myself)! The Christmas feedback I get just warms my heart, to know that what I do touches someone else’s heart in such a positive way through the thoughtfulness of my clients, really, I couldn’t have asked for a better “job”.

    Talis & Meowface Scan


    This is the final scan of the painting. The other surprise will be coming along at some point today!

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