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  • Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
    and the soil and sky as canvas.
  • Anniversary Rose Painting


    It’s complete!  Remember that nice photo I took from the anniversary bouquet that Mark sent?  Yep, the painting is done.  I love it, it turned out so beautiful I had to close my eyes and type out the listing!  Here it is, available on eBay. 

    Thank you for the beauty-full flowers, Mark!   :)*

    Rose Paintings – Good scans!


    Here’s what they reeeeeallly look like!  (Except for the First Prize Macro painting, I added my digital sig which is not on the front of the painting.)  They’re dry now, got good scans of them this morning.  I registered with ArtByUs this morning, which is an auction site strictly for art by original artists.  I think I’ll pull the bud from eBay and put both of these over there.  My userID there is “intricateart”, I’ll get links when I list them – which won’t be today, ’cause we’re going to the zoo!! 

    New Painting – Rose Bud!


    I finished this purdyful flower today, just for you!  It’s been listed, you can click the bud to go see it on auction.  Thank you so much for returning to read my ramblings, and for being patient while I was “under construction”!  ;D   Enjoy!


    A surprise guest!! (updated 7:45 am)


    Grab your coffee, come outside with me I have to show you these!!

    Just your average day here, I was working away on clearing out the mess I made, getting ready to clean carpets when all of the sudden,
    someone stopped by! You can imagine my surprise, I mean it’s not often a celebrity like this just pops by and waits for you, you know? We were all so excited!! Squealing and being giddy, just your average girls here. ;)

    Yes that was our excitement for the day!

    Here’s a lovely I photographed yesterday morning after giving my babies a little misty drink. See my baby refreshed!

    **I’m adding these from my morning coffee break. Enjoy!!**
    Soaking up the morning sun :)
    More lily blooms
    Morning footsteps on my rooftops!

    Oh alright, enough with the break already. Get back to WORK WORK WORK! Yes, the insulation is ALL DONE. Old stuff out, new stuff in. Area is taped off/sealed, carpets are so clean I hate to replace them, and now all I need is someone to pick up 6 sheets of drywall for me. Ooh yea I was going to call Lowe’s and see if they deliver for free. Yep, then I can drywall, install cabinets, a little floor, and bing-bang-boom, we’re ready to go (rip the rest of the room apart!)..hehe!

    Ok have a great great Wednesday! I can actually kinda relax a little today before I move all of the furniture. Hip hip hooray! ;D

    This just in….


    Toronto Swampy has been installed!!!!

    Toronto sprays water now!

    Kids enjoying Toronto, awww!!!

    This is SO exciting..I am just…can’t..find..words…

    Will add the rest of the pics in a little while!!

    Hey everybody!


    I’m alive!!

    What a week! After finishing Toronto Swampy, my father-in-law came over and helped me pack the giant frog. The rest of the day Monday was just keeping busy stripping wallpaper in my living room until the trucking company arrived. I sent him on his way in the middle of the afternoon….in a giant truck! (Thanks, Roadway!!)

    My niece came over Monday morning with my father-in-law, she’s been staying with us all week and it’s been a lot of fun! The girls helped strip the wallpaper, and once that whole thing got going it just catapulted me into redecorating mode. We used to have this nice nautically themed living room, but now, ooh-la-la, it is very nice! In fact, Here’s a glimpse, Mark’s portrait now hanging on the wall, and this is a sample of our new carpet that will be installed on the 15th of this month!

    See, when I start a project, I can’t stop until it’s done!!

    I picked up a couple of bargains, a new navy swag for the front window, a couple of new end tables that were a total steal and matched my mission style couch table thing.

    Between stripping wallpaper, removing wallpaper adhesive, cleaning the walls, painting them, and keeping the girls entertained in the pool etc… it has been a crazy week! I think I’ve been on my computer less this week than…I ever have been!

    I did finish up the two kitty portraits, I was waiting for final approval to sign them so they are still a little tacky and I’ll ship them on Monday…er…Tuesday since the Post office will probably be closed Monday! Dagnabbit, I forgot about that. Dom will also be shipped with them, so I have some paperwork to do to get them ready.

    I’m working on another website design too, which has been keeping my brain active and spinning. I ordered a bunch of canvas to go with my 42 new tubes of oil paints, and I am going to be painting new pieces like crazy! I am on a mission, I have a goal, so be prepared to come back often to see what I’m doing! I am going to launch with adding a couple of prints to what is currently available, and listing them on ebay – a couple of them will be limited edition.

    To end the week, I lounged in the pool for 10 minutes! Woohoo for sitting still! ;D

    Then I got out of the pool and took some fabulous pics I wanted to share with you! Ready? Here we go! I’m going to leave these full size for you, it’s just not the same shrunk down to nothin’.

    Full Moon
    Yellow Rose
    Remember Me Rose
    White gerber daisy
    Bug on my truck
    The girls
    Empty nest
    Squirrely Eating

    One more addition…the girls (Caitlin & Stacie) performed for you all…
    this is a long movie, please keep that in mind on dial-up connections :)
    Caitlin & Stacie as The Chin Twins

    Aah it feels good to get all of those off my chest! I hope you enjoy them, I am having so much fun with my new camera!

    I hope you all have a fun fun 4th of July fireworky type of day! Don’t forget to put your pups where they can’t hurt themselves, those fireworks really make them freak out!



    Come see Toronto Swampy!


    I just finished uploading his final images,

    Go see the Frog!


    Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am going to run a couple of errands!



    Just completed Simba, Rocky’s roomie and pal.

    The frog arrived, got him unpacked and set up to start, I need to go hang sheeting around him under the carport so he’s protected from the elements while I begin to spray the first coat of enamel (it’s an adhesion promoter). By the way, Mom helped me clean out the garage yesterday so I could park Mark’s truck in there. I think this is the first time we’ve ever parked a vehicle in the garage! LOL! Yahoo! Thanks Mom!!! xoxo!

    My new digital camera arrived too, have the battery on the charger already so as soon as that’s charged I’ll take pics of the blank froggie and get a page up for him so you can see his progress!

    Here’s Simba… also 10×10 in oils…

    Rocky :D


    I’m going to be working on Simba this evening, will probably post him tomorrow. I sent Rocky off to Mama too so she can have a looksee (and just in case you’re wondering, all of the P’s said it’s cool for you all to see their babies portraits!)

    Also wanted to say a quick THANK YOU! to all my “new” friends and commenters! You guys are all so sweet! I am going to save replying & e-mail stuff for morning, it seems to be the best time for me to dig in on that before treadmilling. ;)

    So ok, here we go. He’s a 10×10 Oil Painting (caution: wet paint!)

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your pit-stops here to see some pretty eye-candies!


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