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  • Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.
  • One Helluva Furcut


    soft coated wheaten terrier male 7 mos

    Here’s our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Tucker, before his first furcut. As you can see, he’s quite the leaf and dirt magnet in this picture, and he looks like a pretty plump pup. Really, he’s not, it’s an illusion created by massive amounts of long fur that is really as soft as a down pillow.

    I know, he’s so cuuuuuuuuuuute! Yeah. He is. (grumble grumble… don’t even bring up the 3 disgusting gross happenings in his kennel on the ride to the groomer yesterday. ugh.)

    After a few hours at the groomers, I had a nice time chilling out (and coded up a little bit of a project that I’ll be finalizing today so I can get back to my freshly reorganized studio) – and when I picked him up I was absolutely thrilled with his new “doggie do”. This is what Wheaties should look like! He’s quite handsome now, and the whole event seemed to chill him out, too.


    Cutie Tuckerhead


    soft coated wheaten terrier tucker
    Our little Tucker reminded me so much of Barkley with his little innocent “petmepetmepetme” look.

    “Come forth and pet me like the soft fuzzy puppy that I am”
    We had a little photo shoot this morning since he’s freshly bathed and I gave him a pretty little furcut to clear his eyes. The top of his head is turning creamy white now, and I really don’t want to have him groomed or trimmed because he’ll wind up losing that pretty Wheat (aka Wheaten/Wheatie terrier) color they’re born with.

    Here are a few more feature shots from our little Studmuffin Tuckerhead today:

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    Portrait of Tucker


    wheaten terrier tucker copyright leanne wildermuth

    I took this photo of our sweet little Wheaten Terrier pup, Tucker, a week or two ago. As soon as I opened the image on my computer I wanted to paint it – but on the other hand, it makes a great photograph, too. I always have a tendency to turn a great photo into a great oil painting, so I expect you’ll be seeing our sweet little boy on canvas at some point over the next couple of months. (I do have a spring exhibition to prepare for!)

    Our Tuckerhead is doing well. He’s 5 months old now, needs a fur cut and sometimes a muzzle (we haven’t actually bought one, he could just use it sometimes!) – but otherwise he’s a good boy. I try to spend as much time with him as I can, especially now that the girls are in school and he seems to behave well when he’s just hanging out with me here in the office or out in the studio.

    He gets a lot of attention out on walks, too – not many people are familiar with Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, and everyone just loves him to pieces. (Including me, when he’s not yipping and yapping, that is!)

    I just had to share this pretty portrait of my boy while it was fresh in my mind – I must get back to work now and finish up an illustration I’ve been working on!

    Have a good one!

    Pretty Spoiled Boy


    We picked up the little gifties that Tucker won, being such a frappin cutiepie and all. WooT did he score! He got a basketful of stuff to chew on, a bagful of even more stuff to chew on, a couple of stuffies to shred, a TOOTHBRUSH! – a shirt, a $30 gift certificate for grooming and a PEN! Because puppies can write! Didn’t you know? And they should definitely write thank you notes, but not until after they brush their teeth!

    So, Tuckerhead checked out his stuff, and got all excited. He went right for the shirt! He’s such a smart dog. He liked everything, and wants it all right now. Even the basket, and the paper in the basket. Woof! Nummy Paper! Woof!

    So we put the shirt on, and now he looks like the opposite of a pig in a blanket. You know, when the hot dog is sticking out of both ends of the croissant? Well he looks more like a croissant exploded out both ends of a hot dog. Bad analogy? Perhaps. Did I get my visual across though? Maybe this will help.

    And this. This is how frappin adorable he is in his new Diva Doggie Wear. OMG, He’s like a ladies man for dogs. If I were a little scottie, or even a maltese, I would totally  go after him. I just know I’m gonna have to beat those girlie doggies off with a stick. Okay, a chew toy. Leave my stud alone, girls.

    I never thought I’d be one of those people who put clothing on a dog. But look at that picture. Just LOOK at him! Good gravy he’s adorable. Now scroll up, and look at him nekkid. It just seems so wrong, doesn’t it? He looks sweet in his little shirt, even if his fluff does explode out of the seams!

    Random Photography


    There’s my little Nutty again, he was posing for me yesterday and I couldn’t resist. Just a sweet little thing, isn’t he?

    More random eye candies for you:

    An egret that we saw on the way back from the museum last week. I was totally enamored by his reflection in the pond and have several photos of him that are ‘ok’ to me, I just enjoy looking at the composition. It was neat to watch him fishing, too!

    This, I loved. Of course, my hummies. She thought she’d be sneaky, and eat on the side that I couldn’t see her on. haha! Chickeymonkey saw this photo and said “How’d she get in there, mommy?”

    Our floppy dog, Tucker. (He’s a 16 wk. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, for those just meeting him) Yes, he’s sleeping on the vent again. He lays like this all the time. It’s fun to watch him go from standing to this position!

    We did go to the Museum yesterday and saw some really beautiful bird photography. I took a few pics of the sections where mine are hanging, I’ll get those pics ready and show you later.

    I hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Tucker Tidbits Vol. 2


    Have vent, will follow!
    Tucker is making huge progress! Yay for puppy training!

    I am kennel training him, and he can hold his potty for 2 hours at a time now, he also sleeps through the night. He’s more like clockwork than I expected for a 15 week old. He’s even beginning to learn commands now. He sits, lays down (with some prompting), obeys “let’s go” for the most part, and I’m working with him now on “no biting” and “stop”.

    He loves to bathe, he does not sit still for a furcut, and he’s teething like the dickens! (He only chews on his toys, so far!) He’s been doing great about NOT jumping – we taught him that right off the bat, however when I pat on my thigh, he will come up to me for me to pick him up and hold him like a baby. He follows me from room to room, flopping down on the nearest vent.

    In short, he’s still frappin’ adorable. I don’t think he can help it!

    Hot Day PSA



    The conversation was short, it went something like this:

    Chickeymonkey: Hey Ma?
    Me: Yeah Chick?
    Chick: Have you stopped to smell the roses today?
    Me: Nope, I haven’t. We should do that, huh?
    Chick: Yeah! Let’s go!

    And so we went. And it was one of those moments where you think “what a smart little kid.” and you wonder if she realizes how profound her little question was, and how in the midst of a day of working and a mind full of stuff – it is truly important to stop what you’re doing, get up, and go smell the roses. And the daisies, too.

    Afterward, if you’re sweating like a bugger after being out there smelling roses in 100+ degree heat, you can follow the lead of our smart little Tuckerhead. Flop your daggone belly right over the vent, and take a nap.

    Hope you’re staying cool, too!

    Can’t Be Mad


    How could you possibly get mad at a face like this? Pee on the new carpet. Check. Puddles in the studio, family room and kitchen. Piles in the furnace room and studio. Am I mad? You bet your butt I’m mad – right up until the point he makes this face, and then it’s all over.

    Boy’s either smarter than a whip, or never gonna learn.

    BTW, our phone service is out. If you’re trying to reach me, try one of the cell numbers. If you don’t have our cell# and need it, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment. We’re all better now.

    Tucker Tidbits


    Day Two

    Chickeymonkey is finally approaching Tucker. She does not like his jumping, and we’re teaching both the child to tell the puppy not to jump, and the puppy to not jump. It’s like two-fer training days at our place. Much fun and paper towels to be had by all!

    Catybug loves Tucker very much, and is turning red when he licks her. Fur is not a problem, he is a massive fluffball and hasn’t lost one hair yet. Love this single-coat thing, it’s great! The licking, the red itchies that follow – we need to handle. Any tips?

    Tucker loves the vents. He loves flopping down on top of the vents while the A/C is on and he falls asleep there.

    He slept through the night, with minor whimpering, and my fingers weren’t even in the kennel all night! Yay!

    He did his business outside so far today! Good boy! (pant pant)

    He is not a beggar or a yapper! He does not care about the ruckus from the dogs next door. He gave them one yip and that’s all he had to say about that. He slept on the vent during dinner lastnight, in the dining room but away from the table.

    Oooooh he is the sweetest little thing!

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