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  • A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.
  • A Keeper.


    I captured this video to keep for future reference. You know I’m going to be digging it out of my archives in about 12 years, when she’s screaming at me that she can’t stand our rules (blah blah blah) and is going to run away.


    Poor Faith


    I was watching the CMA’s the other night and I did catch the Female Vocalist of the Year announcement, so I did see this “live”. I knew she was ticked off, but honestly didn’t think it would become such an “issue”. Was I surprised? Sure, I thought she was a great role model – but nobody’s perfect, we all act like idiots from time to time – right? Dang if there aren’t a ton of people having a cow about this vid – I actually had to laugh – and I’m glad to see something real.

    Now that the Be Just Like Faith Because She’s So Perfect bubble has burst, what’s left?

    Regular, normal, everyday life. That’s what. Cussing at idiot drivers. Being ticked off when you don’t win something and thought you would. Having a temper, upset feelings or negative emotions in general. Trying to remember not to display any of that when there’s a camera pointed right in your face, or a blogger around.

    Lisa Made Me Do It.


    She made me do it. I had forgotten all about it, and I definitely needed reminding. Now it’s your turn.

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