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  • Husky Portrait : Jam WIP #1


    custom dog husky portrait oil painting leanne wildermuth

    Jambalaya is SUCH a pretty girl. Those bi-colored eyes are so cool! I am in love with this dog.

    Her underpainting is complete, so I’ll give her a day to dry and finish her portrait in the next few days.

    I’ve got to find a better live webcam service – if you know of one, drop your suggestion in the comment box! The quality on this one is so rough. I’ll see if I can’t get a new one going before I start painting tomorrow.

    Projects, Projects and MORE Projects!


    Just a quick update on my schedule, for anyone interested/waiting:

    I’ve completed two blog designs this week:

    • SpencersGame
    • Eartodastreetz

    And a few last week, in case you missed them:

    Next week is wide open and I’ll be in the studio finishing up several custom pet portrait paintings:

    • Simba, a fluffy orange tabby
    • Kiwi & Boo, a pair of bird portraits
    • Jambalaya, a red & white husky portrait
    • Rex, a tuxedo kitty cat portrait

    Then I’ll be back to blog designing for a few more weeks, then a couple more portraits, then a couple more designs … it’s going to be a busy summer!

    Stay tuned for portrait progress updates!

    Husky Portrait Sketch : Jambalaya


    red husky portrait sketch leanne wildermuth

    Jambalaya, aka Jam or Jammy, is a red and white husky. She’s gorgeous – you’ll see that as her painting progresses – in part because she’s got bi-colored eyes. Jam and Badger (recently completed) are in the same family.

    I will work in the background while I’m finishing up all of my other portraits – but it will be a week or two before I get to work her underpainting in.

    My Art in Dog World Magazine


    dog world magazine

    I had quite the giddy little girl surprise yesterday when I opened my mailbox – I received the July issue of DogWorld Magazine. I wasn’t expecting this issue until – well, July. So I was pretty surprised to see it and cannot TELL you how quickly I opened up to the inside cover contents:

    dog world magazine inside contents

    Now, this is where the squealing like a little girl part came in. Those of you who know my work know exactly why already, those of you who don’t? Click here, then come back and have another look. If any of you would like to reminisce, you could go back to my blog archives and have a walk down memory lane, and see how Katie’s portrait came to life in my studio.

    When I was asked to display artwork in DogWorld Magazine, I was absolutely ecstatic. I had to submit work for consideration, first, and then the editorial team would approve the final artwork selected for this issue. Katie was an obvious choice, she’s a gorgeous purebred Lab. I quickly provided everything they requested and it wasn’t long before her portrait was issued their stamp of approval. So much so, in fact, that they gave her a full page:

    dog world magazine dog art inside july 2008 issue

    From start to finish, Katie’s portrait is “all me”. What’s different about this piece from my other portraits is that I also did the photo shoot with Katie. I selected this composition from my own photography – so it is exactly how I envisioned her from start to finish. Getting down on the floor with her and hanging out with her, seeing how she behaved around her mom, this conveys her spirit in a portrait perfect way, from first hand knowledge and experience.

    The greatest part about this opportunity is that it is who it is. Dog lovers, those who have those special connections with their dogs, trainers, aficionados – these are the eyes that will pick up this magazine and see this portrait, so this is such an insane honor. Really. I can’t even wrap my brain around how flattered and overwhelming it is.

    dog world magazine painting caption leanne wildermuth

    Other artists work included in the “Gallery of Dogs” spread include Michael Pfleghaar, Louise Peterson, Nicholas Moss, Paul Boddum, Marjorie Pesek, Lori Alexander and Hilda Spain-Owen.

    If you’re in the pet store or Borders or wherever there’s a great big magazine rack – pick up the July (2008) issue of Dog World.

    Husky Portrait : Badger Final Scan & Details


    custom dog portrait silver siberian huskey original oil painting leanne wildermuth

    Custom Portrait of Badger
    8″ x 8″ Oil Painting
    1-1/2″ Profile Gallery Wrapped Canvas
    © 2008 Leanne Wildermuth
    All Rights Reserved

    Portfolio View
    Keep reading to view a few close up scans of the painting!

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    Husky Portrait : Badger Complete


    siberian husky custom dog portrait oil painting progress leanne wildermuth

    I’ve just finished Badger’s portrait – now mom & dad will get to have a look at a larger photo of the painting and see if there’s any tweaking before it’s “officially” done.

    Quite invigorating to paint on cam again – it’s been a few years! Way back when, in the land of LiveJournal, I started watching Jasmine Becket-Griffith paint on cam, and thought it was the coolest thing so I had to go get a webcam and do it myself. I stopped because I had some funky people stalking me (I did it on Yahoo IM then, and would get IM’s during my painting sessions, not very productive)! So now this little do-hickey seems to do the trick, and I’ll be able to paint live without a problem. Yay!

    I’ll scan and post details when all is said & done on Badger’s painting. If you tuned in while I was in the studio, thanks for stopping in – and I’d love your feedback on the cam!

    Husky Portrait : Badger WIP #2


    siberian husky custom oil portrait painting original art leanne wildermuth' class=

    I’ve just finished Badger’s underpainting. Now, don’t be frightened – I know it looks muddy and kinda blech right now, this will all be refined in the next stage, which is the addition of layers and layers of fur. She looks a bit flat, and a bit dark, and her eyes are not as glassy as they will be when I complete the portrait.

    She is beauuutiful. I love Huskies, always have. When they are so well taken care of, like this one very obviously is, they are the most wonderful dogs. They love to please their parents and I’ve seen them become very sad and troubled when they go ignored. Very emotional creatures – and stunning, to boot.

    Husky Portrait : Badger WIP #1


    badger silver husky dog custom oil portrait painting leanne wildermuth' class=

    I chose a really beautiful royal blue gradient for Badger’s portrait. She’s a silver husky with brilliant icy blue eyes so this shade of blue in the background will just make her come alive on the canvas. When the background dries, I’ll work in her underpainting.

    1 Dog, 3 Cats, 2 Birds and a Girl


    Many, many portrait sketches = lots and lots of art to create this week!

    Here’s what’s on my easel:


    Badger is a certified therapy dog, she is allllways happy. I love that she’s smiling for her portrait. This will be an 8×8 oil portrait.


    This is Morris, an orange tabby who recently crossed over the rainbow bridge.  He’ll also be done in oils, on a 6×6 canvas.


    I’ve painted Callie before, but this portrait of her will have much more meaning since it is in loving memory.  Another 6×6 oil portrait.

    Simba is a stunning orange tabby. Also in oil on 6×6 chunky wrapped canvas.



    This yellow-sided green cheeked conure is Kiwi, she’s also having a 6×6 oil portrait. Kiwi and Boo (below) belong to Lisa’s daughter – these are a birthday surprise. So ssssh.


    Boo was a beautiful parrotlet that passed away, her portrait pairs with Kiwi’s in 6×6.


    This pose of Claire is just gorgeous, big curls falling down into her face – this is the line drawing for a 4×6 graphite drawing that All Adither won in January for giving me the bestest birthday wish.

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