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  • Behold the turtle.
    He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  • New WIP #3


    I’ve been painting today, since the darn rain hasn’t let us do anything else. Ah I’m really not complaining about the rain, we really needed it, although better timing would have been just swell!

    Here you go, finally, another work in progress on this piece. I do have a title in mind but it involves counting really high, and I don’t have that many fingers & toes. Since I’m still debating, I’ll leave my entries titled “New”.

    This piece is still very much in its beginning stages, and just in case you can’t tell, this will be an orange daisy covered in water droplets.

    (18×18 Oil on Gallerywrap Canvas)

    I’ve got a few projects to work on this week, so I’m looking forward to a studio filled with creativity!

    New WIP #2


    This piece is going to take some time to complete, and that’s okay, ’cause I really want it to be awesome. I’d like for it to be as hyperrealistic as I can possibly make it, just to push myself a little harder like I do with every piece, but I think even moreso with this one. I’ve been wanting a challenge like this one since I finished Antoinette, and every day I look at Homecoming I’m reminded of where I want to go with my paintings. I am also much more aware that the more patient I am with myself and my oils, the better the results.

    New WIP #1


    This is the piece I’ve been hiding for a week or so now, it’s 18×18, nice & big. I took the reference photo for this painting last summer, and may even have shown it to you here. It’s been hollering at me in my filing cabinet though, and since I have some time now I’d better get it done!

    The sketch is kinda scary huh? I’m being deliberately vague about what it is. If you can’t see it already, you will. Me, I can see it, and I can see the sketch underneath too. :razz:

    New Gallery is Up and Running!


    Woah! It’s up!

    I have a *little* altering to do on my old layout pages to make them “match” and fix the links, but other than that, GO SEE!!!


    If you’ve purchased or commissioned a painting from me, I’ll take this opportunity to ask that you please browse through the main gallery for your painting(s), and click the “comment” section (below the painting description), and leave a comment on how you like your painting, and how I handled things with our transaction. I would really appreciate it!! GRAZIE!!

    Painting on Cam & Other Stuff


    Good morning!

    It’s just past 8am, the webcam is on and I will be painting shortly!

    I had a couple of other things I keep forgetting to tell you about, too.

    First, I uploaded a new page to my website, 2004 : At a glance

    The fall months make it increasingly difficult to keep things updated in my galleries. I thought having that whole grouping of paintings all in one place would show browsers all of my paintings just from this year, especially since some of them aren’t even in their appropriate spots yet! After the holidays I will go through and revamp some of my galleries so they make even more sense. :)

    The other thing, remember Monday (I think?) when I said I was starting my program again? Well ta-da! I’ve been treadmilling and drinking 64 oz. of water a day, and I’m already down 5.5 lbs. See how cool that works? It won’t be long before I’m at my final goal.

    Ooh yea, my holiday commission schedule is fully booked now, so if you’re wanting a custom pet portrait as a gift I will still honor my sale price until the 15th but replace the actual painting with a Gift Certificate instead. Sound ok to you?

    Painting early today, I’m going to try to finish up these kitties today before my afternoon appointment. Have a great day!!

    Anniversary Rose Painting


    It’s complete!  Remember that nice photo I took from the anniversary bouquet that Mark sent?  Yep, the painting is done.  I love it, it turned out so beautiful I had to close my eyes and type out the listing!  Here it is, available on eBay. 

    Thank you for the beauty-full flowers, Mark!   :)*

    Emotional Painting


    Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for me.  The last few days have been a little rougher than I am used to, but yesterday was something different.  I paced, I tried to lie down, tried to redecorate, nothing worked.

    Finally, at about 6PM, I went straight out to my studio and opened up my tubes of paint.  I felt relaxed, finally not thinking about everything on my mind, in my own zone.  I still have to go back to my zone for a bit more to finish, but here’s the result of my loose & free painting episode.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to not paint realistically, but this is probably the farthest I’ve gone impressionistically.  (Erikie?  Do you agree?)   It’s a good size, 12 x16, and I even painted it around to the sides.


    Rose Paintings – Good scans!


    Here’s what they reeeeeallly look like!  (Except for the First Prize Macro painting, I added my digital sig which is not on the front of the painting.)  They’re dry now, got good scans of them this morning.  I registered with ArtByUs this morning, which is an auction site strictly for art by original artists.  I think I’ll pull the bud from eBay and put both of these over there.  My userID there is “intricateart”, I’ll get links when I list them – which won’t be today, ’cause we’re going to the zoo!! 

    New Painting – Rose Bud!


    I finished this purdyful flower today, just for you!  It’s been listed, you can click the bud to go see it on auction.  Thank you so much for returning to read my ramblings, and for being patient while I was “under construction”!  ;D   Enjoy!


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