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  • Church Mural Completed


    Remember the Church mural I started back in October? Well, I finished it today. Have a look:

    The wall space is 8 foot by – I don’t know – 12 foot? It took a while to finish, but I’m happy to have that scratched off my to-do list.

    I came home to a couple of birthday packages, so I’m all excited! I have to go make some phone calls and then get back to business, my first official project as a designer for EW is coming along really cool and will be finished some time next week. I’m all excited to make it perfect for the portfolio!

    Tomorrow, though, I’m not workin’ at all. Takin a day off, finally.


    Well, I’ll try.

    Photos With Santa


    This is what I did today, it’s a photo backdrop for the elementary school to use for Photos with Santa in a couple of days. Not only did I paint this thing – which by the way covers a good part of my studio floor at about 8 feet wide by 4 feet high – but I’ll be the photographer for the event, too.

    The most important part of this backdrop, of course …

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    Completed Catfish Pics!


    Yayyyy finally!! I’ll have professional pics to share as well, but for now, these are my final pics. He’ll be picked up tomorrow and clearcoated, then photographed professionally for the brochures & whatnot that they’ll have out all summer. He goes on display in a couple of weeks for everyone to see (and mess up, the worst part, grafitti jerkoids) for the entire summer. In August he’ll be auctioned off to the highest bidder (C’mon, Bass Pro Magazine guys!) Click “read more” for the remaining pics.

    I added metallic gold along his side, highlighted his eyes, and put reflections over the “fisherman” to make him look more like he’s inside the fish.

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