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  • Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.
  • New Year, New Art



    With the New Year comes new art in my studio. These are the rest of the commissioned works that I’ll be completing in oils over the next few weeks.

    A. Custom portrait of two very wonderful people, this is 8×10.

    B. Custom cat painting – this is Elsie. This portrait will memorialize her, as she’s recently passed over the rainbow bridge. Her mom sent me the story of her life, and by the time I was finished, I was reading through blubbers and drips. She had a beautiful life, and she’s got a wonderful mom. This is an 11×14.

    C. Custom cat painting of Willie, a pretty longhaired tuxedo cat. He’s 8×8.

    D-E-F & G. Custom lovebird paintings. These are 4×4 little bitty canvas panels that will get matted and framed out to a larger size to really make them a focal point. Lovebirds are gorgeous, as you know, and there are two pair in this family. I have all of their names, but they’re a bit jumbled as I’m not sure yet which name goes with which pretty bird.

    H. That pretty little kitty, Cheeky, done up in a larger, 6×6 portrait.

    Then there’s Katie’s portrait, and then I’ll get crackin on the Heron painting – because it won’t be long before it’s time for my first exhibition (in March) – and I’m a last minute crunch kinda gal.

    Suffice it to say – my New Year’s Resolution? To Paint. A lot.
    What’s your biggest most important goal for the New Year?

    Father & Daughter WIP #3


    custom people portrait father daughter oil painting

    I’ll be finishing up this little 4×6 portrait over the next day or two (we’ll see how the indigo dries tonight). Here’s what this painting looked like when I started it just before Christmas.

    Father & Daughter WIP #2


    custom oil painting portrait father daughter people work in progress art
    I worked on this little 4″ x 6″ Father & Daughter portrait yesterday since I was waiting for paint to dry to get that Sweet Ride finished up (which will happen today). The green is not really grass green, it’s more a drab olive into a nice warm gold. So if you don’t mind, pretend I did an accurate color correction, or just gasp in awe or something dramatic when you do see the true color.

    Custom Portrait : Father & Daughter


    custom portrait people oil painting

    Here’s a sketch of another custom portrait painting I’ll be working on soon, in oils. It’s 4×6, a nice little size (the same as Ashley, actually), and the pose is just perfect – I just love this composition.

    I’m still working on the other two large paintings (the GTO and that cute little Scottish Terrier), and will post more progress shots on them soon! Those should both be done by the end of this week.

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