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  • The best things in life are Beautiful.
  • Oh Yea. Antoinette is Finished.


    After the last brushstroke I felt it, that moment hit like it did when I finished my Anniversary Rose painting.

    Then I stood up, put my brush down, stepped back and honest to God started to cry. I love this piece, even I am overwhelmed by it. It’s insanely amazing and rich and my jaw is still hanging open and I’m in the other room.

    This is one of those paintings where I say outloud “Thank you, God, for this incredible, incredible gift.” I’ve often felt like the Holy Spirit paints through me, and this one – well. You have to see it. I wish you could all see it in person. By the way, this painting sold after I posted the second work in progress pic back in December. Thank you to my client, who stops in from time to time, you will absolutely love this piece. Buy the track lighting. :)

    It’s about 1AM, wet paint, glare, my eyes are burning. I will get better pics for you in daylight tomorrow.

    UPDATE: Here’s a daylight (it’s cloudy and rainy here today, of course.) pic of this gorgeous viola. Wanna play it? I just painted the sides this morning, so I hung it on the top of my floor easel for it to dry. You can see that this ain’t no teenie piece, it’s 18×24, and chunky gallerywrap canvas to boot. You can kinda see my chair in the background and I left everything where it was so you can get an idea on size. When it’s dry and varnished, I’ll wire it and hang it on the wall and get more pics. I’ll also scan it, and you know how different the scans are from my digital pics! I’m still jittery (in an overly-excited and proud kinda way) over this one.

    Painting on Cam : Antoinette (Viola)


    Remember when I started this painting? Well today I’ll be finishing it! YAYYY!!

    I’m going to go ahead and turn the webcam on, and I know that if you’re hanging out here this afternoon that you’re probably not interested in the :ahem: game on today, so why not watch me paint, huh?


    New Gallery is Up and Running!


    Woah! It’s up!

    I have a *little* altering to do on my old layout pages to make them “match” and fix the links, but other than that, GO SEE!!!


    If you’ve purchased or commissioned a painting from me, I’ll take this opportunity to ask that you please browse through the main gallery for your painting(s), and click the “comment” section (below the painting description), and leave a comment on how you like your painting, and how I handled things with our transaction. I would really appreciate it!! GRAZIE!!

    Still Life : Antoinette WIP #2


    I’ve just finished my second underpainting, this one may take two more yet! The floor and left dropshadows are the only things completed thus far. I’m including a small clip of #1 & #2 side by side so you don’t have to dig to compare. :)

    Still Life : Antoinette : Painting On Cam


    Yep, you heard me right! I will be painting on webcam shortly.

    Today started out pretty good! The girls and I had a slumber party lastnight on the couch. We stacked up pillows, blankies, and shoved the ottoman into the corner to make a big cozy spot for us all to crash. We watched The Abyss, flipped through a bunch of really crappy stations for 2 hours, and fell asleep before midnight. As usual! LOL

    Now this morning I got up and moving right away, and decided that I’m going to do better in holding myself accountable for meeting my 2-month goal, not much time left!

    Today’s Walk
    Time: 30.02 min
    Dist.: 1.56 mi.
    MPH: 3.3
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Finish Line
    March 5, 2005
    GOAL: 128 mi.
    To Go: 126.44 mi.

    I’ll be changing my “Studio Webcam” status in the left side menu when I get started, so check back around 11AM CST!


    Still Life : Antoinette WIP#1


    Here’s the underpainting for my newest piece, I’ve titled it Antoinette. :)

    Still Life : Painting on Cam


    It’s been a week now since I completed my last piece, and it’s time to get back to the studio!

    I’ve been planning this piece for a few weeks, it is large at 18×24 and on the big easel. A few people have seen what it is, for the rest of you – well, you can watch and guess! ;)

    It shouldn’t take too long to work in the underpainting, so I’ll get started in just a little bit. I’m going to grab a bite to eat and load the CD for this painting, which will probably be the soundtrack to Kate & Leopold, if that gives you any hints as to what I’m working on.

    The webcam is on! I’ve linked to it now in the left column, right under the calendar. Neat, huh? Well I thought so!

    Sock BANDIT! – Tweaked & Scanned


    Here’s how my little Alien Sock Thief Bandit (thanks to my hubby for the title change!) turned out. You know, the more I look at him the more I laugh! I hope he gives you a chuckle, too. :)

    (psst…he’s still available to buy! I may list him on ebay. Mayyyybe.)

    Scans: The Boy & Grandma


    Here are the final scans of “The Boy” (Cole) and my Grandma. I am planning on creating a monochromatic gallery with the new layout, and will be painting more of these in this loose and “less photorealistic” style. I have a few more pieces in mind already, and will pursue those after the holidays and template changeover.

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