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  • Behold the turtle.
    He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  • Done done done done done!


    I think! LOL I know, you guys don’t see any difference do you? I will update the collage of all of the work in progress pics later on.

    I’ve got her hanging/drying in my new red room. ;)

    Here she is in the evening, Wow. I love the ambiance!

    you can click on the thumbs for a larger view, but be warned, the paint is still wet and I reserve the right to tweak her as needed. :D

    Now I don’t know when I will be updating, maybe later tonight, maybe not for a few days, I really don’t know yet! I will try to let you know!

    Mark’s Painting


    It’s Caitlin’s turn to say good morning! This cute little short outfit brought to you by none other than the Easter bunny.

    I had mentioned starting work on Mark’s second portrait. Well here are a couple of shots of what’s going on with it. First, we have the full painting, which is an accurate color representation, even tho you can’t see him. The piece is 24×36 on 1-1/2″ deep gallery wrapped canvas, and the sides are gradated to match. Then there’s the close up of his face where you can see his profile outlined. And this is the photo I’m working from here. You like? He’s a handsome fella. I will work on this one soon. Gotta finish up that Daisy, which I plan on working on today. :)

    Back later with more! Have a great day!




    I am so excited, my new dishwasher will be delivered and installed today!

    Since Mark’s initial departure in November, we lost the stove, the furnace, and the dishwasher. I had the stove replaced before he came home for Christmas, the furnace went out shortly after he left again so we had that repaired, and then the dishwasher. I’ve been handwashing for over a month. blech. Yesterday morning, Jayden and I went and picked out the new one, and I am excited to test it immediately with the 4 days of dishes that I have refused to do. hehe!

    I began working on my pet portrait commission yesterday, the Cockatiel. What a beautiful bird! I love their rosy cheeks. :) It will be finished later today and go to my client for proof/approval. It felt good to paint yesterday (in india ink), I have to say I am in love with all of my chosen medium. Seems like each new thing I learn in a different medium I can apply to another, and it’s really cool!

    I’ve also decided that I am going to rework Mark’s portrait in oils. This will happen between commissions and ebay pieces, either that or I’ll break for a couple of weeks to just paint him. I really want to push myself to do awesome figurative pieces in oil, I also want to feel closer to him by painting him and remembering little things about his appearance that seem to fade with so much time apart. It will be a good thing!

    Lastnight I tried to play Dr. Doolittle, with no success. :( I heard a cat crying outside so I went to look for him and saw him, a sweet black cat, near my fence. I approached slowly, and he seemed receptive, rubbing up against the bushes and yowling. I didn’t have any luck making contact though. He wanted to stay out in the cold and snow. fooey.

    I spose I better get back to “work”, though it doesn’t seem like work to me!

    Have a great day!!

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