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  • A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.
  • So far so Good! Baby Possum progress!


    Woah can you see the possum? No? Hm.. I’ll have to fix that! ;)

    Seriously, This is my progress for the day. Oils. Gotta let ’em dry. So today, the base coat for the bowl. Tomorrow, the bowl design. Thursday, the possum. Then on to the auction block!

    I spent a good portion of the day making very cool labels for the CD’s I mixed for Mark! They’re so cool! Have a look! It took me hours to put them together. I love the one on the top left, that was taken on our (second) wedding day. It really shows how much I love him. Yep. It does. And I do. That much. He called today too. In the middle of the day even! There was a little skirmish today. They’re all ok. Thank God.

    No Weight Loss progress to report today! Same same, a day later. I guess you’ll have days like that! Foo on days like that though! Foo I say!

    I shipped out my Macaw study today, as well as a print of Possy 2 to the very wonderful owner of the reference photo. Of course all of my reference photo providers and copyrighter-givver-uppers get a free print of the painting if I use their photo. How fun is that! Almost like a free portrait, eh? It’s the least I can do. :)

    I think I’ll be getting back on the treadmill in a bit. Gotsta stay motivated!

    Happy Tuesday all!

    Baby Possum Oil Painting Work In Progress!


    Looks like a table, yea? It better! ;)

    This is the beginning of what I’m working on now. There will be a baby possum sitting in a dish on this table. It’ll be so cute! (it’s actually 6×6 – 1 1/2″ gallery wrapped canvas, hehe!)

    Not much to report yet today. The weather is gorgeous, nearly 60 degrees, bright bright sun, green green grass – I love spring & summer! I’ve got to get some yardwork done, too! My father in law has a rototiller that I need to borrow to break up some ground and get our patio blocks back in place from the studio construction upheaval.

    WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS: still 20.5 lbs., 59 days! already walked a mile this morning, shy of 30 minutes but my leggies were rubber from yesterday’s near 3-mile walking!

    3:15pm CST: I’ve got 3 paintings going at once now! :D

    Catch ya later, have a great day!!

    Completed Kitty!


    Good morning everyone!

    I was up late lastnight (make that early this morning) finishing up Timmy! **THIS IS THE FINAL SCAN of the painting! Much nicer than the digital, eh? Click on his image to view the auction! :)

    Mark called a little while ago. He’s doing good! They have 2 man trailers over there that are a pretty decent size. No kitchen/bathroom or any of that fancy stuff, but they have power and blank wall space that needs fillin’ up. I think I can take care of that problem! Those calling card minutes are expensive! He ran out of minutes on the first call ’cause I didn’t have the right number from him to recharge it. So we got off the phone (after getting the right info) and he got back in line while I recharged. :D Caitlin got to talk to him when he called back. whooohoo! Now I have some shopping to do, he needs powdered gatorade, they don’t have it over there. He also wants me to go “pick up” a wireless laptop. I have no idea how I’m going to do that, do you think computer sales people take good looks and short skirts into consideration when bartering? hehe!

    Weight loss progress: Same as yesterday, only add a day! (Friday night. Had to eat out. daggone it!)

    HAPPY SATURDAY!!! I’ll stop back later and update if anything exciting happens. For now I think I’d just like to hang out with the girls a bit and find a new fuzzy animal that inspires me.

    Have a great one!

    Macaw Painting Prints, Great recipe & Kitty progress!


    Happy Thursday everyone!

    First I want to share with you this wonderful concoction I put together lastnight! I’ve made it quite a few times, and love it. I don’t even have a name for it, so you can make one up for me. It’s really easy, very light, low cal, and yummilicious!

    Things you’ll need:
    Tri Color Rotini
    1 Can of Del Monte Italian style diced tomatoes
    Grated cheese blend (the good stuff that melts a bit!)
    Steamed zucchini slices (get these ready before hand, I use a tupperware steamer with a smidge of water in the microwave for 10 minutes.)

    Boil the pasta, drain, dump in the tomatoes, mix in the zucchini, sprinkle with desired amount of grated cheese and blend it all together. Voila!

    Hope you like my quick mom-on-the-go-painting-in-every-spare-moment recipe!

    I will be heading down to test a print of my Macaw painting. Keep your fingers crossed, I am hoping for a fabulous print! It’s tough to scan larger pieces in sections, and I found a place that has a large enough flatbed to capture all but about 1/4″ of the edges on that painting. YAY!

    I painted more on the kitty yesterday, but had to wait for it to dry enough overnight to put the lettering on the cookbook. I painted his sweet nose. I couldn’t resist. But since there’s not a lot *more* progress, I will refrain from another WIP until I at least have the lettering painted. :)

    Weight loss progress: down 18 lbs in 55 days!

    HAPPY HAPPY! Have a good one, I’ll be back later today!

    5:50 PM (CST) UPDATE
    Welp, folks, It’s official. I’ve got prints of Alex, the Macaw! I am really excited! I put a lot of work into getting them just perfect. Color correcting, trimming, adhering to foam core, they look great! Here’s a shot of my very first Limited Edition (of 5), sitting right beside the painting. You like?

    Ran errands doing this today and picking up groceries. I had a huge order arrive today from Dick Blick with 2- 18×24 canvas (one is for my remake of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring), 2-16×20’s and 3-12×16’s. They have modified their 1-1/2″ deep gallery wrap canvas and it’s PERFECT! Also picked up a few new colors in oil; Renaissance Gold, Transparent White, Winsor Yellow and Flesh Tint. I bought those with the Vermeer piece and the new (additional) portrait of Mark I’ll be doing in mind.

    I haven’t had time yet today to work on the kitty painting. I would like to do that here in a little while. I will definitely have it finished tomorrow!

    Have a great evening!




    I just found another frog article that I hadn’t seen, have a look here!


    Packing and shipping today, getting ready to head to the post office! It’s gorgeous even though it’s chilly out, the sun is so bright, the sky is a beautiful blue, my trees are budding, and the cardinals and ROBIN’S are singing!!! YAY for SPRING!

    Alex – Blue & Gold Macaw


    You have GOT to see Alex and his detail shots. Click here to see him on auction!

    Here’s a little bitty image, but clicky on the link above to go see the good stuff. I am SO pleased with this piece!!

    Mackie the Cockatiel


    Mackie is finished! Here she is!



    I listed the Egret here: eBay Egret Listing

    Using my new template! Have a look and let me know what you think!

    Blue Egret


    Here’s the Monochromatic Blue Egret piece, I’ve signed it, it’s done, but I won’t list it on ebay until tomorrow when it dries. (and I will be listing with my new fancy schmancy site-matching template, too!) I hope it feels as peaceful to you as it does to me. I really enjoyed working this. Here was my palette: Cerulean Blue, Cobalt, French Ultramarine (oo-lala, Lolo), White, Dioxazine Violet (just a smidge to deepen the French Ultramarine) and Alizarin Crimson to deepen even further on the beak and foot reflection (and my sig).

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