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  • A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.
  • meow… >^..^< …meow

    Someone who reads my blog will probably find this cutie pie to be a familiar face! One of my wonderful clients and friends has a slew (slew is an accurate term, isn’t it P?) of kitties. She shares the sweetest moments that she captures of her babies with me. This is Logan, sneaky kitty, thinks that basket is all his. ;)

    This one should be dry some time tomorrow so I can scan him, for now an evening digital is just going to have to do! (by the way, he’s 8×8 in oil)

    I will leave you with a teenie tiny sneak peek at the other gorgeous feline I’m painting. I actually have had them side by side and have been painting on each of them today, but once I got to Logan’s basket I decided to just concentrate on getting him done first. hehe!

    His eye is done; he’s a tortoiseshell kitty (10×8 oil)

    Here ya go…. (updated with another late night work in progress shot!)

    Have a great evening, all!


    Art & Construction.


    Most of my Print Auctions are ending today if you haven’t seen them yet. I added my Purple Tulip to my available prints, it looks lovely!! (I am partial to purple!)

    Mark has been asking me to make a stencil of Wile E. Coyote for the guys over there to use on a few things. That’s not the stencil of course, this is my test spray of it with hand embellishments that Mark can hang on his wall of photos. :D I sent it off yesterday, along with a few spare stencils they can trace onto something else. I know how guys are, they like to rip and tear stuff up if it doesn’t go how they want it to go! Goofy guys! Ok that’ll be $150 bucks guys, for chiropractic treatment on my hand and wrist from holding that daggone x-acto so tight & pressing through many layers of cardboard! (Just kidding! about the bill, not the

    Did I tell you my Stargazers outside of my front window are blooming? OOOOOH yes they are! Yummy!! (I smell more paintings of them coming!)

    What else…ooohhh yea…the room. Well I think I’m going to have to take a progress picture of the mess I made yesterday. oops. The ceiling, well ok the FIRST ceiling (yes there are two, just like the walls), appeared to have some water damage on top of damage I made removing the closets – on top of just being old and stinky. :P

    I ripped them out.

    Blown cotton insulation fell like rain – ok no more like a monsoon or something – all over everything. Last night’s trip to Lowe’s brought home a 12 gallon shop vac (everyone should have one of these, and they’re ON SALE!), 2 rolls of insulation to replace that other gook, and a FACE MASK. Good gravy! I couldn’t have had enough bandana’s on my head to prevent that stuff from getting up my nose. :P~

    Here’s the mess!

    Today I have to clean up my mess. Then I have to get all the wood I tore down out of the house!! There are a few pieces “in tact” from the closets – framing, thick pine paneling, etc. and I told Caitlin I would see what I could save to build them a mini-house in the backyard. Wouldn’t that be cool? They may be getting their own little pine cabin. Fun!! I always wanted one of those!

    Ok I’m procrastinating now… I’m going to go outside with my coffee and camera and do my morning wake-up and smell nature thing! :)

    Have a Happy Tuesday & thanks for stopping by!!

    This just in….


    Toronto Swampy has been installed!!!!

    Toronto sprays water now!

    Kids enjoying Toronto, awww!!!

    This is SO exciting..I am just…can’t..find..words…

    Will add the rest of the pics in a little while!!

    Hey everybody!


    I’m alive!!

    What a week! After finishing Toronto Swampy, my father-in-law came over and helped me pack the giant frog. The rest of the day Monday was just keeping busy stripping wallpaper in my living room until the trucking company arrived. I sent him on his way in the middle of the afternoon….in a giant truck! (Thanks, Roadway!!)

    My niece came over Monday morning with my father-in-law, she’s been staying with us all week and it’s been a lot of fun! The girls helped strip the wallpaper, and once that whole thing got going it just catapulted me into redecorating mode. We used to have this nice nautically themed living room, but now, ooh-la-la, it is very nice! In fact, Here’s a glimpse, Mark’s portrait now hanging on the wall, and this is a sample of our new carpet that will be installed on the 15th of this month!

    See, when I start a project, I can’t stop until it’s done!!

    I picked up a couple of bargains, a new navy swag for the front window, a couple of new end tables that were a total steal and matched my mission style couch table thing.

    Between stripping wallpaper, removing wallpaper adhesive, cleaning the walls, painting them, and keeping the girls entertained in the pool etc… it has been a crazy week! I think I’ve been on my computer less this week than…I ever have been!

    I did finish up the two kitty portraits, I was waiting for final approval to sign them so they are still a little tacky and I’ll ship them on Monday…er…Tuesday since the Post office will probably be closed Monday! Dagnabbit, I forgot about that. Dom will also be shipped with them, so I have some paperwork to do to get them ready.

    I’m working on another website design too, which has been keeping my brain active and spinning. I ordered a bunch of canvas to go with my 42 new tubes of oil paints, and I am going to be painting new pieces like crazy! I am on a mission, I have a goal, so be prepared to come back often to see what I’m doing! I am going to launch with adding a couple of prints to what is currently available, and listing them on ebay – a couple of them will be limited edition.

    To end the week, I lounged in the pool for 10 minutes! Woohoo for sitting still! ;D

    Then I got out of the pool and took some fabulous pics I wanted to share with you! Ready? Here we go! I’m going to leave these full size for you, it’s just not the same shrunk down to nothin’.

    Full Moon
    Yellow Rose
    Remember Me Rose
    White gerber daisy
    Bug on my truck
    The girls
    Empty nest
    Squirrely Eating

    One more addition…the girls (Caitlin & Stacie) performed for you all…
    this is a long movie, please keep that in mind on dial-up connections :)
    Caitlin & Stacie as The Chin Twins

    Aah it feels good to get all of those off my chest! I hope you enjoy them, I am having so much fun with my new camera!

    I hope you all have a fun fun 4th of July fireworky type of day! Don’t forget to put your pups where they can’t hurt themselves, those fireworks really make them freak out!



    Come see Toronto Swampy!


    I just finished uploading his final images,

    Go see the Frog!


    Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am going to run a couple of errands!

    The Big Big News!


    Okie doke folks, here’s the news!

    The City of Toronto (Canada) has a big, beautiful waterpark (links to come). It has been up and running for about 10 years now, and they are expanding! Their general contractor searched for a large frog to add to the new section and found one of the frogs I did last year, Swampy, and contacted me to create a frog similar to Swampy for their waterpark!

    So this will be a BUSY summer! The frog fabrication will take approx. 2 weeks, and once it arrives here I will be a busy bee! I’m estimating the whole project will take about 4-6 weeks or so. Then, next time you’re in Toronto, you can stop by the waterpark and see Swampy II!

    I will be creating a separate page to display the progress of this one, and of course keep you all updated!

    This is going to be FUN!!!!!!

    So there’s my big big big announement. Not bad, eh?

    Squirrely the Third!


    He’s done! Boy do I love these little critters. In fact I just put out a bunch of popcorn for them out back!

    Yesterday went by so fast, I was a little bummed I didn’t get him finished. But now he’s done. YAY! We’re leaving in a few minutes for an eye exam appointment for me, I’m going to get contacts! :D

    Not much else going on today, just catching up on housework. I just want to know how 3 people can produce 4-5 bags of trash a week? At least I know I’m not a packrat. LOL

    I’ll be testing prints of this one later today or tomorrow, depending on how long the appointment goes. I have some webdesign projects that need attention tonight, so we’ll see!

    Hey, now that I’m thinking about it, those of you who voted for “other animal”, I’d love for you to reply here (even if it’s anonymous!) and let me know what animal! I know one of the 4 is a skunk… anyone else wanna let me know?

    Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

    As promised!


    Squirrely the Third! This is just a work in progress now, he will very realistically be begging for corn by the end of the day today! (So if you want to snag him up before he’s finished or list him on ebay, drop me an e-mail! He’s 8×10 in ink!)

    We’ve had such funky weather here the last few days, another thunderstorm is supposed to hit tonight. All I want is SUMMER! LOL And I want the mud in the yard to dry out so I can get this landscaping done, too! :P

    I’m going to try to finish up this fella tonight, and tomorrow get that Stargazer going, and then I’ve gotta work on some commissions. I’ll check in with my client and if it’s ok with her I’ll post those WIP shots too.

    Feels GOOD TO PAINT!!!!!!


    Time For Dinner!


    So where’s dinner? Huh? I’m huuuuunnnnngry. Got any grapes? Apples? Well? FEED MEEEEEE!!!!
    He looks really pixelated in this pic. Fooey! I’ll get a flatbed scan of him when he dries.


    He’ll be going up on the auction block in a bit! :)

    WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS: Down 21.5 lbs. in 61 Days!>Over 2.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday, over a mile so far today. YAY!

    Gotta get some other things done today, I’ll try to get back later!


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