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  • Can’t Be Mad


    How could you possibly get mad at a face like this? Pee on the new carpet. Check. Puddles in the studio, family room and kitchen. Piles in the furnace room and studio. Am I mad? You bet your butt I’m mad – right up until the point he makes this face, and then it’s all over.

    Boy’s either smarter than a whip, or never gonna learn.

    BTW, our phone service is out. If you’re trying to reach me, try one of the cell numbers. If you don’t have our cell# and need it, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment. We’re all better now.


    pam said,

    Oh, heck no. Must.crate.train. Say that over and over, and then put the sweet little baby IN one while you can’t watch him.

    Take him out several times a day, directly to the yard and use a key word, like ‘hurry’. As soon as he goes, praise and back in to the crate. Play time is extra, of course. During that time you can watch and correct as needed.

    Crates are not terror-inducing, they become a well loved den and place of refuge for the dog. Trust me. :grin:

    7.21.2006 @ 4:28 pm
    Shelli said,

    I totally agree with Pam. It is a must. Our dogs love their kennels. It is their home. Remember that dogs are denning animals.

    I agree, though, he is darn cute and with a face like that it would be hard to be angry with him for long.

    7.21.2006 @ 10:05 pm
    Leanne said,

    Thank you both for the tips – we kennel him at night and he’s been doing great. We’re home during the day though so we’ve just been leaving him out with us since we can all watch him. Sometimes, though, he’s quicker than the eye! I started kennelling him inbetween potty breaks yesterday afternoon to see how he’d handle it – so far there’s some minor whimpering but overall he hasn’t had an accident, and he’s going when I tell him to without dilly dallying around.


    7.22.2006 @ 5:48 am
    pamibe said,

    He’s a smart little guy! :good:

    7.22.2006 @ 8:18 am
    Reverberate58 said,

    What not to love! So cute and give him time he will learn! :meow:

    7.22.2006 @ 6:49 pm
    Nicole said,

    I remember going through this with Babygirl. I never thought I’d be up at 3 AM cleaning up piles and puddles but you can do a lot when you love something. I used to always worry that I’d freak out about changing diapers when I had kids, but now, I think I can handle it. I learned one of the most important things is to be consistent. On the nights that I was too tired to wait on her to potty or it was raining, I got a surprise in the morning. :duh:

    7.28.2006 @ 1:54 pm

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