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  • Chipmunk


    I’ve been away for a few days, we had a nice relaxing trip to a waterpark resort and did some hiking at Starved Rock State Park. This little Chipmunk didn’t mind us being nearby, in fact I was surprised to see so many critters pay no mind at all to passing hikers.


    Geekwif said,

    Oh, how cute is he!?! Thanks for stopping by my place and answering my question tonight!

    7.27.2006 @ 9:23 pm
    Shelli said,

    That is so cool, Leanne! Glad you had a good time. Glad you are back, though, too. :hug:

    7.28.2006 @ 5:03 am
    Nancy said,

    Yeah! I am so glad you are doing this….. They would be beautiful as notecards as well, hint, hint. OR a calendar.

    In my area a local artist and a graphic designer got together and created some notecards, calendars, totes etc… Thye had a house party for friends and sold out. They proceeded to become a company and now are national with like 10 people working for them and growing out of the office space they rented.
    Cool, isn\\\’t it?

    I bet you could do something like that. I know you have all kinds of extra time to do that right?!?!? LOL!

    I would so love for that to happen, Nancy! I\’m getting there, slowly but surely – being a one woman show and all that, yeah – I\’ve got a lot of work to do! Once school starts up, the little one will be full time this year – you\’ll see a lot of new things happening! Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!!

    7.28.2006 @ 8:36 am
    Robin said,

    I love chipmunks!! He’s too cute :cloud9:

    7.30.2006 @ 7:30 am

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