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    I just received this pic from Lisa, this is her man, Chris, standing beside Talis & Meowface (who arrived in perfect timing on Christmas Eve, thank you USPS!).

    Chris, Talis & Meowface

    Thanks, Chris, for allowing me to share! Your painting looks fab against the brick!

    I’ve got a few portraits out there that were given as Christmas gifts, anyone have photos to share of their recipients with their paintings? I would love to put them up here for everyone to see (or just see them myself)! The Christmas feedback I get just warms my heart, to know that what I do touches someone else’s heart in such a positive way through the thoughtfulness of my clients, really, I couldn’t have asked for a better “job”.


    Lisa said,

    love LOVE LOVE those cats – but I am kinda partial to the guy standing next to ’em :)

    12.29.2004 @ 12:42 am
    Leanne said,

    Has anyone ever told you he looks a little like Joey (From Friends)?

    How YOU Dooooooooin’….. :wink: :wink:

    12.29.2004 @ 8:12 am
    Just A Girl said,

    Artist Extraordinaire
    A few months ago – I had Leanne do a painting of my two cats. She did an incredible job on them and we now have them proudly hanging in our front hallway!

    We hired her services again to paint a portrait of Thor and Oz!. I cannot wait to see what s…

    3.12.2005 @ 9:02 pm

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