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Custom Portrait : Miranda

completed in January, 2009

Custom Portrait Miranda pencil graphite drawing art by Leanne Wildermuth
Size: 5 x 7″

Medium: Graphite Pencil Drawing

Notes: Each week in 2009, I am giving away one free custom portrait to someone on my blog. The winner is selected based on how their entry inspires me.

Miranda’s mom shares a mommy moment like it happened just the other day, and to see the beautiful young woman she is becoming – just tugged on my heartstrings in a mommy kind of way. Winner of Week #3.

Read Miranda’s story here, and view the side by side photo/drawing by clicking here.

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Leanne said,

A few words from Joan about her portrait:

“Leanne created the most glorious drawing of my daughter. Not only did she capture my daughter’s beauty, she also managed to give her a gleam of mischief and humor, both of which are very much a part of this young lady. The entire portrait is full of special details that only a true artist sees. I’m beyond impressed. I can’t stop staring at this portrait. As beautiful as it appeared on her website as a preview, it was nothing compared to how amazing it is in person. Ever since I received my drawing, I’ve been saving pennies so I can have Leanne work her magic on a portrait of my son.”

Joan Hunt

2.12.2009 @ 3:30 pm

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