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  • Dear Everybody Using WordPress,


    I hereby stomp my feet, give you puppy dog eyes as well as my bestest pouty face ever, and demand that you install and activate this plugin right away.

    Thank you.

    (P.S. It allows you to not only reply to a comment in the comment form, but it sends a notification to your guest via e-mail. Double coverage so no-one feels forgotten. Go now. Do as I say. Test here if you’d like, I will reply to you so you can see how it works.)


    Sword Girl said,

    This sounds like a good one. I’m gonna install it fer sure! :bunny:

    9.27.2007 @ 9:00 am
    Leanne said,

    Excellent! See, that was too easy. Did I even need to give you my puppy dog eyes?

    9.27.2007 @ 9:02 am
    YellowRose said,

    If I could ever figure out HOW to install plug in’s I would! I know I’m pitiful! :sorry:

    I know….I’ll hire that super woman I know that is dynamic with WP! ;)

    9.27.2007 @ 10:42 am
    Kimberly said,

    Okay…here goes. *test test* Is this thing on?

    9.27.2007 @ 10:51 am
    Leanne said,

    This is me, replying to MommaK Kimmmmberly. Now go on and activate it at your place!


    9.27.2007 @ 11:00 am
    Owen Cutajar said,

    Thanks for trying out my plugin! It came into fruition out of frustration from posting replies to my blog and then sending a seperate email to the person who posted the comment. This way is much better ;)

    Glad you guys like it!

    9.27.2007 @ 11:19 am

    Thanks a lot!
    That’s just what I was looking for for my new website!
    Great paintings, by the way!
    My girlfriend would love this site!

    9.27.2007 @ 11:29 am
    Leanne said,


    I cannot thank you enough. I can’t believe I didn’t come across it sooner!

    9.27.2007 @ 11:33 am
    Leanne said,


    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the plugin as much as I do, stop by and let Owen know, as well! And by all means, send your girlfriend over to visit!


    9.27.2007 @ 11:34 am
    Jennifer said,

    Ok, I am installing this plug in. We will see how it goes….

    9.27.2007 @ 11:40 am
    Leanne said,

    Very cool, Jennifer! Don’t forget to configure it under “options” – see my reply for a couple of great ideas to format your footer! ;)

    9.27.2007 @ 11:44 am
    Lulu said,

    Oh crap! That reminds me about WP 2.3…must install!

    Thanks for the plugin tip! I installed it perfectly! ;)

    9.27.2007 @ 6:14 pm
    Lulu said,

    BTW, what are the great ideas about the footer?? :eyebrows:

    9.27.2007 @ 6:15 pm
    Leanne said,

    I’m glad you got it installed, Lulu! (See my footer?)


    9.27.2007 @ 7:19 pm
    Joni said,

    Cool plugin! I think I’ve seen it in action when you replied to my comment on your previous post. I’m going to install it on my blog too! Thanks, Leanne! :hug:

    9.27.2007 @ 8:04 pm
    kailani said,

    Sounds like a great idea! I’ll give it a try.

    9.28.2007 @ 12:13 am
    Nancy said,

    Seriously? That is so awesome! Adding to my list of things to do…..

    9.28.2007 @ 9:20 am
    Leanne said,

    Kailani, let me know how you like it! :)

    9.28.2007 @ 10:23 am
    Leanne said,

    Hey Nancy!

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too – see how nice it is?! :)

    9.28.2007 @ 10:24 am
    Lulu said,

    Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the plugin!

    And not that you care or anything since you’re not the creator of this nifty little thing, but the only thing that I wish it would do is allow you to respond to several comments at once. You know, instead of commenting back to each person individually, just create one single comment addressing all commenters. Ya know what I mean?? Hmm…maybe I should put in a request to the guy who created the plugin…

    Thanks again!

    9.28.2007 @ 12:08 pm
    Leanne said,

    Great minds and all that, Lulu – I’ve already made that suggestion! Go on over to his blog and suggest it, as well – then he’ll know it’s not just my own crazy idea!


    9.28.2007 @ 12:21 pm
    Robin said,

    I don’t usually comment by email but that is cool. Don’t miss our engagement photos…they are posted on Facebook and my blog :dance:

    9.28.2007 @ 12:56 pm
    Grace said,

    I am definitely doing this! Thanks Leanne!

    9.29.2007 @ 5:21 am

    […] found a great wordpress plugin info at Leanne’s blog that allows you to respond to comments in the comment section and send an email notification to the […]

    9.29.2007 @ 3:33 pm

    I actually have that plugin installed since a while back – it’s great!!!

    Only thing that isn’t working is together with another great plugin, Brians threaded comments, is that when answering via email on the comment, that comment doesn’t get threaded. No big deal :-)

    9.30.2007 @ 6:38 am
    Lisa said,

    Awesome! I’ll do that later!

    10.3.2007 @ 5:41 am
    jayjay said,

    dear mommy :sing: :pilot: :bird: :confused: :no: :neutral: :muted: :monkey: :meow: :mad: :love: :lol: :lazy: :jester: :swimming: :rofl: :squirrel: :usa: :violet: :thanku:

    10.5.2007 @ 5:12 pm

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