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    Stream at sunset photo by Leanne Wildermuth

    I wake up each morning and I talk to God. It’s true. In my head, God and I have a little conversation every day, and it typically goes something like this:

    Me: [yawn, stretch] Hey, God. Whew. Made it. Thank you for another day. So, what’chya got in store for me today?

    God: [startles me with the jarring buzz of the alarm clock]

    Me: okay, okay. I’m already up. Did you have to give me a heart attack right off the bat?

    God: [cue lower back pain.]

    Me: Got it. Stretching. Thanks for reminding me. So [touching toes] I was wondering, God, just what is it, exactly, you want me to do today? You know how unproductive I am when I’m going in a million directions and am unsure of what you want me to accomplish for your Glory. What can I do to make it happen today?

    I move around and do morning things, mind spinning – what time is it? Where’s my coffee mug? Oh yeah, I have to get the vitamins out for the girls and take my prescriptions. Hm. Mindless activities fill the next several minutes as I wonder what He might have planned for me today. I wake up my computer and check mail.

    Me: No? Okay, well, I didn’t hear back about that project (a drawing) or that project (code) OR that project (design) so… really? Today’s the day, God? I have been hoping for a day that I could get things done on my own site, to finally get my own portfolio done and… what? What did you say?

    God: [delivers e-mail: client regarding project #1]

    Me: Oh. Okay. Well, I’ll work on that, then.

    God: [delivers e-mail: client regarding project #3]

    Me: Well, shoot. Now what? Do you want me to just put this other stuff off that’s been tugging at me for months?

    God: [reminder: that coupon for the free turkey expires tomorrow.]

    Me: Okay, okay, I’ll take a shower, and go get the free turkey, then I think I really need to just get that project done I’ve been procrastinating.

    God: [don’t forget about your kids. Insert parental issue here.]

    So, I woke up prepared to do whatever God had in store for me today, and He had life in store. And here it is, taking me one direction, then swiftly in another – over bumps, around bends, flowing down this twisty windy lifelike stream.

    I wonder if God just uses Mondays to get us ready for the rest of the week?


    Mom said,

    Love the analogy! Beautiful picture too! I find that when the alarm goes off I’m already cascading down the waterfall, then remember it’s Monday. I won’t hit the bottom of this until maybe tomorrow, but I thank Him and love him for the ride – keeps my mind active trying to direct myself around stones and logs falling faster than I!
    Love you, little girl! :hug:

    11.8.2010 @ 4:19 pm
    pam said,

    Hey, He talks to you more than He does me! LOL!

    I do much the same upon waking. His subtlety is usually lost on me, though. ;)

    11.9.2010 @ 7:37 am
    Renee said,

    I’ve found that when I ask God what he wants me to do I end up with way more than I think possible. So now I just ask for His help to get these things done. It doesn’t always help to keep things more manageable but it does help get them done. :violet:

    11.9.2010 @ 9:14 am
    Angie said,

    This is lovely, Leanne.

    11.11.2010 @ 6:15 am
    Millie Purdy said,

    Lovely the way you speak with the Lord, its good to stay close. I hope one day to be the artist you are. The art is positively majestic. Thank you

    2.21.2011 @ 10:52 am
    Tanmay said,

    You have a fantastic way to talk to GOD and the picture is 100% appropriate with the story.Really nice…….

    5.23.2011 @ 1:16 pm

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