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    I have to admit, I love it when my hubby gets a lil’ jealous. hehe. He has been so patiently waiting for some strange guy (who either can’t read or knows he’s going to be blog fodder) to IM me. He jumped on my puter as soon as he heard the chime this morning. Awwww. Afterward, I looked at the guys profile, and dagnabbit, he’s cute! Okay it’s probably not even him, but still. A good looking schmuck of the day. Enjoy.

    iaan_spencer: hey
    iaan_spencer: so nice pic ofu
    iaan_spencer: wanna chat
    iaan_spencer: this is ian
    iaan_spencer: 35/m/indianapolis
    intricateartist : It is a very nice picture of her isn’t it. I really really like it, she is very talented and beautiful…one of the many reasons I married her!!!!
    iaan_spencer: lol

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    Mom said,

    Way to go Mark! :mrgreen:

    6.3.2005 @ 11:14 am

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