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    Well that did it. I created a new category titled “Yahoo Schmucks!”

    In this category you will find people you might want to blacklist before they target you, or heck, just point and laugh at the sheer illiteracy of these “men” (using that term reeeealy loosely!). He’s another one who can’t read or doesn’t understand what “VERY HAPPILY MARRIED” means. I refuse to talk to people like this, they’re just gross and probably on some sex offender list somewhere. Iew. So here they’re going to be, in their own category, to expose them for their schmucky behavior. My own little “IM Offender” list!

    Yahoo Schmuck of the evening:

    Out of the blue, I get this invitation to view webcam. Nice. Not. :mad:

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    taba said,

    i think in their little minds happily married doesn’t indicate that you might not want to see them naked……..maybe you should change it to: i don’t want to see you naked or talk about you being naked!

    5.17.2005 @ 1:46 pm

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