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  • Oh Well.


    So much for this commission. I wonder if my gallery isn’t representative enough of the quality of my work? Hm.

    deuces2000: what do you paint?
    intricateartist : you can view my gallery through my yahoo profile link
    deuces2000: still life? portraits?
    intricateartist :
    deuces2000: no people?
    deuces2000: oh there
    deuces2000: no nudes?
    intricateartist : you’re viewing my gallery?
    deuces2000: i just looked at the people
    deuces2000: i’m more into people not pets
    deuces2000: nothing to do with your paintings just my taste lol
    deuces2000: then you quit talkin to me
    intricateartist : my figurative gallery is complete
    deuces2000: i don’t know art terms what is that
    intricateartist : people
    intricateartist : what was your question?
    deuces2000: which one? i asked if you ever do nudes?
    intricateartist : i would paint nudes on commission
    deuces2000: have you ever, and what is difference between commission and regular fee? get paid by the pound? llol
    intricateartist : i have, yes. a commission is when i am hired to paint something specific for my client and it is based on canvas size, time and materials.
    deuces2000: why are there no nudes in your gallery?
    intricateartist : they are only displayed at the discretion of my clients
    deuces2000: are there any on your sitee?
    intricateartist : no. you would probably have better luck finding what you’re looking for by typing “nude figurative gallery” in google.
    deuces2000: well no one there would paint me
    intricateartist : i am sure that if you found a nude figurative gallery, the artist would accept a commission.
    deuces2000: i was interested in seeing your work, oh well
    intricateartist : you’ve seen all that is available to see.
    deuces2000: as i said oh well


    Lisa said,

    You, my friend . . you are a nut maganet.

    5.25.2005 @ 4:05 pm
    taba said,

    yep, i definitely think you should add ” i dont want to see you naked” to your profile!!

    5.25.2005 @ 5:36 pm
    Leanne said,

    I did revise my profile, but honestly! I don’t think they even read it! :lol:

    5.26.2005 @ 5:32 am

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