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  • Pig Progress


    This side of the pig depicts a feed farm, there’s a specific John Deere tractor by the front barn, and a farmer pouring feed into a trough beside the barn. The underpainting for both sides are complete. The other side (below) are feed bags in a pile of feed, they’ll have lettering detailed to match my client’s family feed farm, Bordwell’s Feed.

    Three paintings in one – the pig itself, realistic, and two approximately 11×19 ovals on either side with realistic scenes as well. More progress to come. My apologies for not getting back to everyone yet on your comments. I will – as soon as time permits!


    Denise said,

    LOL…the two close-ups look like someone shot a big hole through the pig so that you can see the rest of the farm though it!

    It looks great!

    7.19.2006 @ 6:44 pm
    Debbie said,

    Well you answered my questions! Looking very good! My step-daughter would be going nuts over this! She is a pig collector! I like the pink of this pig and can’t wait to see the added hair or was that fur? Beautiful work as always! :meow:

    7.19.2006 @ 7:36 pm
    Darlene said,

    All I can say is………. WOW!!!! :jawdrop:

    7.19.2006 @ 8:56 pm
    Mom said,

    Heh-heh – “seeing” that it’s for an Optician? (Eye Doctor) a caption like “Seeing Things?” (you know like seeing through the pig?/?…) kind of made me chuckle – ‘course that’s not to hard when it comes to not really funny :rofl:

    7.20.2006 @ 6:48 am
    Ficklechick said,

    I want one!!! He’s looking gorgeous! :grin:

    7.20.2006 @ 8:21 am
    colleen said,

    Painting on a pig? You get the wildest jobs! I like him in glasses!

    7.20.2006 @ 8:24 am
    Lazy Daisy said,

    I’m with Colleen…keep the glasses! Wow, those are some interesting birth marks on that pig. Looks great girlfriend. Is that what you meant when you said, “You were pigging out?”

    7.20.2006 @ 9:49 am
    Tracie said,

    It looks great!!

    7.20.2006 @ 7:06 pm
    carmen said,

    Oh, I’m excited to see the final pig. :) oink!

    7.20.2006 @ 8:29 pm

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