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Surreal Alien Painting : Sock Bandit

completed in August, 2005

sock thief bandit alien laundry oil painting
Size: 8×8

Medium: Oil Painting

Notes: Haven’t you always wanted to know what happens to that missing sock? Me too. This cute little alien answers that question.

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Mrs. Universal Alien said,

My new fascination with aliens led me to your art.
Thank you for the inspiration.
I’m in love with my husband… who I’ve been with now for eternity and we finally worked out the kinks in our relationship. For christmas I wanted to paint him a picture or like 1000 pictures… but for now I’ll just do a couple.

Anyway… he was always stealing my socks when I was a little girl on Earth… now… thanks to your picture I have proof it was indeed him!!!

Well thank you!
Best of luck and happy holidays!

12.12.2007 @ 12:47 pm

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