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  • Wowzers! Look at my schedule!


    I’m in a jaw-droppin’, how-the-hell-did-that-happen kind of state at the moment. I’m booked through Mark’s arrival now. Woah.

    You guys are awesome.

    (this is down in the left hand column under Current Schedule)

    Now the pressure is on… I will paint until I can paint no more. You will look at me and see multitude of colors pouring out from my ears. When you stop by my studio you will find me underneath a sea of empty tubes of Winsor & Newton Oil Colours, feverishly applying hair to whatever sweet little creature I have on canvas.


    My dream come true!

    (Any other takers? c’monnn…. I want to BLEED pure pigment…bring it ON!)

    Today I shall work on The Supreme’s. They will have nose jobs, eye-enhancements and ear-tucks. I will apply hair-plugs and give them chunky white streaks in pre-determined locations. They will each be their own “Swan”, and then later we can have a little pageant! Doesn’t that sound fun? (Am I losing it? You be the judge.)

    I’ll flip the switch on the cam in a little while, the Mister is around somewhere and wanted to chat a bit this morning. Check back under “Studio Webcam – OFF” and if it says “Studio Webcam – ON“, c’mon in!


    kris said,

    and there are dogs on the list!!! and a horse! that is very exciting. So where are you planning to go on this (hopefully) well-funded vacation?

    1.28.2005 @ 1:32 pm
    Leanne said,

    Well DISNEYWORLD of course! (Hey that’s the standard answer isn’t it?) I’m really not sure yet, we’re still tossing it around! :D

    1.28.2005 @ 1:37 pm

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