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    Here’s my newest painting, this nice yellow rose (Helmut Schmidt is the official name) is just blooming here at my house. I photographed it yesterday morning and voila, it’s now an original oil painting.

    So I have a couple of questions. If this yellow rose (the painting) were yours to give to someone, who would you give it to? If you were the recipient of this yellow rose painting, where would you put it?


    Patti said,

    I would give the yellow rose (as a welcome home) to Larry, a friend of mine and fellow volunteer who just returned from Mississippi/New Orleans after 3 weeks. He was working with Best Friends rescuing, caring for, and reuniting people with their pets. Larry was “in charge” of hundreds of cats, an emu, potbelly pigs, lizards, fish you name it.

    If the rose were mine I would put it in my china closet where I have a picture of my father and I from when I was 4 years old and one of him and I at my wedding. It’s my “remember” (not that I could ever forget him) space and the rose would symbolize the joy he brought to my life.

    10.7.2005 @ 3:04 pm
    MommaK said,

    I would give it to you my husband when he gets home from his business trip tomorrow. :lovestruck:

    10.7.2005 @ 4:53 pm
    MommaK said,

    OKay, well, we all know you are not my husband and that was a typo..but I had to come back and say it anyway. Geez!!! (its the cabbage soup- it’s effecting my typing:muted:)

    10.7.2005 @ 4:57 pm
    Clara said,

    If this yellow rose were mine to give I would most certainly give it to my mom. Yellow roses have always been her favorite and she sure could use some sunshine in her life, after losing her husband. She dated him as a teenager and met up with him 30 years later and it seems so unfair that she was only granted a few years with him. She has always cherished roses and the love they represent and she would certainly appreciate one that she could have forever. If this yellow rose were mine it would go on my red wall, just because it would look incredible against red and it would be seen the moment I walk in my house! :hug: clara

    10.7.2005 @ 4:58 pm
    Leanne said,

    MommaK: :scare:

    10.7.2005 @ 5:29 pm
    Phoenix said,

    If I were to give it to someone it would have to be Carlo, for bing the bestest friend a gal could ever have. He is a lifer in the Army and has been through a lot. He has been away stationed everywhere and this last time while in Germany his wife left him. He deserves a smile and some happiness.

    If I were to keep it it would be placed on the wall at my office so when I get over whelmed there I could look up, see a beautiful rose and find myself smiling instead.

    Nice Leanne! :yellowribbon:

    10.7.2005 @ 6:01 pm
    Mrs. Fun said,

    I would give it to my mom. She deserves pretty things but is too busy giving everyone else pretty things.
    If i was to recieve it, i would put it in a vase on the table by my front door :)

    10.7.2005 @ 11:21 pm
    Bec said,

    Hello, Michele sent me! Since it’s a virtual rose maybe I’ll give it to Michele for sending me around the world tonight… but if it were a real rose I’d give it to my eldest daughter who, at 7, is a lovely romantic.

    10.8.2005 @ 7:36 am
    rashbre said,

    No question, I would give it to Julie, who is just about to go in to hospital. And if I received it, it would go somewhere that Julie could see it.

    10.8.2005 @ 7:59 am
    erikie said,

    Hmmmm:shock: uhhhhh:lazy: ooops ummm:wave: YEAH I’d give it MYSELF!:pleasantry: And I’d hang it by my monitor because yellow images cheer me up :yahoo: BEEEYOOOTEEEFOOOL!:good:

    10.9.2005 @ 12:30 am

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