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600-PROC-DSC_0118_ppI hope you enjoy your browse through my portfolio. If I can help you in any way, please contact me.

Services I provide: Custom pet portraits in oil. Gift Certificates for pet portraits. Cat paintings. Dog paintings. Bird, Fish and Frog paintings. If it’s out there in nature, I will paint it. You can commission me to paint whatever you want, really. I just love to paint. Creativity is in my bones. Every last one of them.

Photography. Fine Art Prints of wildlife, birds of prey, flowers and backyard animals. The great outdoors from an Award Winning Photographer. Pet photography. I am for hire.

Let me tell you what I love. I love nature. I love green trees, the smell of fresh cut grass. I love discovering a bunny’s nest in my backyard. I love identifying birds. I love putting my nose up to the window to watch my hummingbirds drink. I love my quaker parrot, Quintin. I enjoy my guinea pig, Cocoa – and my Opal mini-rex bunny, Dusty. I love playing with our Chiapoo, Copper, and watching our two fish chase each other around their little tank. I love birdwatching. I would have a zoo, if only I weren’t so allergic to all the fur. Speaking of zoo’s, I love those, too. I love to paint, I love to capture the beauty and elegance of nature. I love to personify an animal through its eyes in a painting. I love realism and strive for hyperrealism.

Enjoy your visit – and please, if you’re so inclined, hire me for your project.

Artfully yours,

About my Art

“My work wanders somewhere between realism and hyperrealism, meandering on occasion into surrealism, abstract, and whimsical works. My desire is to portray things exactly as they are, with an intense attention to detail. I pride myself on my ability to capture the soul of each animal by focusing in closely on the subject, eliminating the distraction of background elements.”


Self-taught, self-representing artist, illustrator, photographer, graphic and blog designer

Memberships & Affiliations

Associate Designer – E.Webscapes Blog & Web Design Studio

Juried Member, MidCoast Fine Arts (

Member, League of Animal Artists (
Member, WetCanvas (
Listed : World Artist Directory (

Awards & Exhibitions

January, 2009
Website/portfolio design (designed by Leanne) was selected among the top 45 most inspirational creative e-Commerce designs by 2experts Design.

July, 2008
Full page spread in Dog World Magazine. Highlighted painting – Katie, a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever.

March-April, 2007
MidCoast at the River Center, 24 oil paintings on exhibit (view details on my blog)

December, 2006
JAVMA journal cover – “Coon” selected as cover for the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine Association, distribution of over 74,000 veterinarians.

August, 2006
First Place, Putnam Museum Celebration of Birds Exhibit, Peacock.
People’s Choice Honorable Mention, Putnam Museum Celebration of Birds Exhibit, Peacock.

Featured Photo of the Week, Aug. 30, 2006 WeAreQuadCities (QC Sunset Photo)

September, 2003
People’s Mention: EBSQ General Theme Show::Pet Portrait Swap

January, 2003
Juror’s Mention: EBSQ+ Juried Theme Show: 21st Century Still Life


August, 2005
Catch-A-Catfish Feature Spotlight
The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus

October, 2003
Featured Artist: EBSQ
Amie Gillingham, Editor

September, 2003
Frogs-A-Hoppin – Q-C Area Front Page Editorial: “Frogs hop to new homes in auction” by Stephen Elliot
The Dispatch

September, 2003
Frogs-A-Hoppin’: EBSQ Zine Article
Amie Gillingham, Editor

June, 2003
Frogs-A-Hoppin’ Front Page Editorial: “Frogs leap into limelight” by Amy Thon
The Dispatch

June, 2003
Frogs-A-Hoppin’ Interview: WQAD-TV, Quad Cities Life & Times

Biography (Formal): September 2003

Leanne holding Oz in front of her portrait of Thor & OzLeanne Wildermuth arrived in the art community over the summer of 2002, after nearly 15 years of creative efforts based solely in commissioned works. Following several years in both the computer field and business administration, Leanne began full time efforts through marketing custom portraits.

Leanne’s biggest creative influence is her mother, who painted in her spare time for over 30 years. Leanne has long had a strong affinity for the arts, music, and technology. The artist is currently focusing on her series of Pet Portraits and Wildlife: Up Close & Personal; using both India inks on canvas and oil pastels. Leanne also designs and builds functional websites and website graphics for fellow artists. In her spare time, Leanne’s musical inclinations lead her to continue practicing both piano and viola.

Works in progress include custom commissioned pet portraits in addition to varied endangered, domestic and backyard wildlife. Many of these subjects are chosen seemingly at random but each piece strikes a chord with Leanne on a personal level, where portraying their innocence and depth is more a calling than a selection process. The artists’ unique style in bringing emotion and a sense of pride to our endangered species is her personal attempt to glorify them and bring attention to their plight before they are lost altogether.

Work is begun after time has been spent researching the animal(s), taking reference photos to study anatomy, and sketching the subject. All work is done in the studio.

Selected pieces are marketed in printed reproductions.

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